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The Australian Alert Service is the weekly publication of the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia.

It will keep you updated of strategic events both in Australia, and worldwide, as well as the organising activities of the CEC.


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Front page archive:


17 April 2019 - This election, break the banks' corrupt power over politics (Vol. 21 No. 16)

10 April 2019 - Banks' ire is all the endorsement Glass-Steagall needs (Vol. 21 No. 15)

3 April 2019 - More money won't save this financial system (Vol. 21 No. 14)

27 March 2019 - Failed economic theory is killing us—ditch it now! (Vol. 21 No. 13)

20 March 2019 - Warning Australia could set off global crash! (Vol, 21 No. 12)


28 June 2018 - Glass-Steagall introduced—now let’s get it passed! (Vol. 20 No. 26)



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