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While the major banks, regulators and government have done everything in their power to block any moves towards bank separation, they have ignored one important point: separation would be good for the banks as businesses.
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The local mayor, state MP and federal MP for Mandurah, Western Australia, have attacked the Interests Of The People (IOTP) show “The Economic Massacre of Mandurah”
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If there were any doubt that Australia’s banking system is corrupt, Graeme Samuel’s Capability Review of the bank regulator, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), removes it completely.
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The scandal-ridden Murray-Darling Basin Plan has once again stirred up passions, captured in an ABC Four Corners report on 8 July. Most commentators can’t see the wood for the trees, or in this case, the hydrosphere for the water.
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Australians and New Zealanders alike should be very concerned about what’s happening in NZ’s banks, which are owned by Australia’s.
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This release is an edited version of an article by the same title in the 3 July 2019 Australian Alert Service by Jeremy Beck.
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