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20 Mar 2019
A stunning report on has echoed what the Citizens Electoral Council has long warned: there is a growing threat that Australia could set off the next global banking meltdown.
  • Financial Crisis
19 Mar 2019
The banks must not be allowed to victimise people for a problem they created. Over the last two decades, many homeowners have made foolish decisions to borrow far more than they could afford. But they are not responsible for this building crisis.
  • Glass-Steagall
14 Mar 2019
The following release is from an article by Jeremy Beck, printed in the 20 February 2019 Australian Alert Service.
  • Environment
13 Mar 2019
Australia’s housing market is tanking fast and the economy is facing an Ireland-style economic bust. We must act, now, to avert a social catastrophe and restructure the financial system to fix the cause of this crisis.
  • Glass-Steagall
7 Mar 2019
This release is taken from the editorial of the 6 March 2019 issue of the CEC’s Australian Alert Service magazine.
  • Bail-in
  • Banking / Finance
6 Mar 2019
In his 2018 budget Scott Morrison announced a 
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