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19th April, 2017

What keeps the Empire awake at night

The political situation globally is extremely fluid, and while exceedingly dangerous it also carries immense opportunities for rapid and radical change. For decades the Citizens Electoral Council and our international associates have planted the seeds for the policy changes required to launch an economic renaissance. Green shoots from many of those seeds have already sprung up, such as the New Silk Road and World Land-Bridge; others—such as a four-power collaboration between the USA, Russia, China and India, reviving the American System of economics, and financial reform exemplified by "Glass-Steagall"—are beginning to break through.

Between the proximity of a new global financial crash and the threat that it would tip the aforementioned policy changes into reality, the Anglo-American establishment, which still has a white-knuckle grip on the institutions surrounding the US presidency, is desperate. They will use every tool at hand, every time-bomb they have planted over recent decades, every available agent of influence, to steer the world towards war.

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Articles include the following:

  • Moscow points to London, Obama as drivers of war danger
  • White House chem weapons report 'cannot be true'
  • Australian experts doubt US claims re Syria
  • The current course leads to World War III
  • Assad suddenly worse than Hitler
  • Assad: Chemical attack a 'deep state' fabrication
  • All roads lead to Obama in the real Trumpgate
  • US Senator rallies support for Glass-Steagall
  • Long history of Britain's covenant with terrorism
  • Lord Palmerston's terrorist menagerie
  • Great Britain vies to recapture trading dominance
  • Labour's best chance is to fight for Glass-Steagall
  • More housing bubble warnings, but no solutions
  • Ben Franklin brought Confucius into the American System
  • ALMANAC: Worldwide spirit of optimism over the New Silk Road!

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  • 'Free market' smashes milk producers
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    Media Releases

    20th April, 2017

    Australia sleepwalking to ‘economic Armageddon’, but ... You can help stop it

    “Australia sleepwalking to economic Armageddon” is the headline of a new Citizens Electoral Council brochure on the economic crisis that Australia is hurtling towards; the brochure also contains the solutions to that crisis.

    In a series of colour charts, the brochure explains the three speculative “bubbles” that will smash the Australian economy when they burst: the derivatives bubble, the housing bubble, and the debt bubble.

    Each bubble is a threat in its own right, but combined they represent the economic equivalent of Armageddon. There is rising panic among Australian officials about the housing bubble, which is justified, as its collapse will crash the Big Four banks.

    The brochure also details the policies that all Australians must demand from the government if this crisis is to be averted. These policies are:

    • a full Glass-Steagall separation of commercial banking from investment banking, to protect the real economy from a banking crash (the brochure explains the process by which Glass-Steagall would be implemented in Australia);
    • a national bank to stabilise the financial system and invest public credit into infrastructure and industries that will revive the real economy and create thousands of jobs;
    • a program of large-scale infrastructure development, including water projects, transportation projects such as a network of high-speed rail, and energy projects to guarantee cheap baseload power—all of which will stimulate and service the real economy.

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