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    Australian Alert Service

    10th January, 2017

    Prepare for political upheaval

    City of London scribe Ambrose Evans-Pritchard has seen the writing on the wall, forecasting the end of the liberal market system if a new financial crash is dealt with in the same way as the last. Citing the warning of well known fund manager, GMO's Jeremy Grantham, of an oncoming 50 per cent "near-term melt-up"—a surge on Wall Street—followed by an "epic crash", Evans-Pritchard wrote in the 5 January London Telegraph, that "If he is right, we face a wicked political denouement [final act]."

    "We should expect voters will seek Jacobin solutions if there is yet another episode of gross economic and financial mismanagement that leaves the rich unscathed while taxpayers pick up the pieces", he continued.

    Mapping out various scenarios of how today's bubble may come to grief, Evans-Pritchard concludes with a broader political conclusion: "How would the West's bruised democracies respond to the spectacle of another Gatsbyesque [1920s-style over-indulgence] obscenity on Wall Street and in the City, followed by a double-dip depression? The clean broom of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn would be the least of our worries. The great settling of scores that never quite happened after the crisis in 2008 might this time sweep away the entire economic order." (Emphasis added.)

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    Media Releases

    9th January, 2018

    APRA update: Think your bank deposits are guaranteed? Think again!

    A former principal researcher at bank regulator APRA has revealed in a submission to a Senate inquiry that, contrary to government reassurances, Australian bank deposits are not guaranteed.

    This explosive revelation shreds the government’s repeated assurances that its new bill to give crisis resolution powers to the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) will not allow the “bail-in” (confiscation) of bank deposits, because they are guaranteed up to $250,000 by the Financial Claims Scheme (FCS).

    In the cover letter to his submission to the Senate Economics Legislation Committee’s inquiry into the Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill 2017, Dr Wilson Sy asks Committee chair Senator Jane Hume: “As a matter of urgency, I need to ask: are you prepared to have your savings in bank deposits confiscated to save insolvent banks? What about the millions of voters you represent? How would they react if you allow this to happen to them?”

    Dr Sy charges that the bill “gives the Government and APRA new discretionary powers to confiscate bank deposits”, and that it should be rejected.

    (Dr Sy’s submission, “Protect Deposits Not the Fraudulent System”, is the first submission posted on the Senate inquiry’s website, and can be accessed here.)

    As a Principal Researcher at APRA in 2004-10, during which time he was briefly acting Head of Research for a time, Dr Sy is one of the most qualified people to comment on APRA and the powers it will be given by this bill. Both the 2008 global financial crisis and introduction of the Financial Claims Scheme occurred while he was at APRA.

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