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Download full pamphlet here (PDF, 1.4 KB)Download CEC pamphlet: Who Killed Diana and Why?
Including: British Royals Feel Heat over Diana's Assassination;
Honouring John Morgan;
Break up Crown/City of London Criminal Financial Empire: Glass-Steagall Bank Separation Now!

Download full pamphlet here (PDF, 1.3 MB)Download CEC pamphlet: Stop MI5/MI6-run Terrorism!
Including: Westminster Terror Attack: Prince Charles and Saudis Must Answer!;
The Manchester Terror Attack: a New Peterloo Massacre?;
What Would Percy Bysshe Shelley Advise Jeremy Corbyn?

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    Australian Alert Service

    18th April, 2018

    British lies on Syria, Russia set track for WWIII

    If left unchallenged the latest WMD-style scam pushed by the British establishment could escalate to thermonuclear world war. Holding Russia responsible for a chemical weapons attack in Syria that never happened is a huge gamble, which relies on the population having somehow forgotten the recent history of British-intigated regime-change wars.

    That gamble is set to backfire, if no genuine evidence emerges of chemical weapons use by Syria, or of Russian culpability in the attempted assassination of the Skripals in Salisbury last month.

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    Articles include the following:

    • Banking Royal Commission is a game-changer
    • Banking Royal Commission QC slams banks' crimes
    • The British Intelligence hand in Douma, Syria events
    • Leading Americans refute war lies
    • Nations aligning behind Syria lie are risking nuclear war
    • Russia blames British Intelligence for fake gas attack
    • Syria's White Helmets: An MI6 front
    • British elite scheme, but must first contend with Corbyn
    • Trump swallows Syria lies fabricated by British authors
    • Swiss OPCW lab identifies another toxin in Skripal case
    • Worsening financial crisis makes case for Glass-Steagall
    • 'White elephant' or 'Chinese naval base'?
    • ALMANAC: Crimes of the Australian banks – Part I

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    Media Releases

    19th April, 2018

    Bob Katter will introduce Australian Glass-Steagall legislation into Parliament—organise your MP to second it

    The Member for Kennedy, Bob Katter, is collaborating with the Citizens Electoral Council-led campaign for a Glass-Steagall separation of Australia’s banks.

    Mr Katter will introduce the newly drafted Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2018 into the Commonwealth Parliament as a Private Member’s Bill.

    Glass-Steagall is the name of the famous American law enacted after the Great Depression that separated commercial banks with deposits, from all other financial activities. (It was named after Carter Glass and Henry Steagall, the two Congressmen who sponsored the law.)

    The purpose of the Bill is to protect bank customers and their deposits:

    • from the kinds of exploitation currently being exposed at the Financial Services Royal Commission;
    • from the risks of financial speculation; and
    • from a financial crash.

    The Bill is closely modelled on the USA’s successful Glass-Steagall Act of 1933, which protected Americans from banking crises for the 66 years it was in effect until its foolish repeal in 1999; and the 21st Century Glass-Steagall Act that is currently before the US Congress to restore the separation of commercial banks from speculation.

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    Feature pages

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