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Find out about Prince Charles's role in international terrorism

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    "Let's ask Prince Charles what he knows ..."

  • International Schiller Institute Event: The BRICS Option
  • With the World Ridiculing Obama, It's Time to Dump Him and the Whole Bush League
  • Chinese Reiterate Offer to U.S. to Join In Developing the World
  • Saudi Arabia Launches Massive Terror Bombing of Yemen
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  • LaRouche's 40-Year Record: A New International Economic Order
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  • Who Is Behind the Drive To Dismember Russia?

  • Mobilise to stop WWIII

  • Australia must join AIIB!
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    Australian Alert Service

    This cartoon/article is a sample of the Asian coverage of the UK and other European countries joining the AIIB

    Global shift underway as Europe orients to East
    War and economic crisis have caused a rift between Europe and the US, and the new financial meltdown now bearing down will widen the gulf. On the one side are nations desperate for economic respite and an end to war and regime change—and hence increasingly orienting to the BRICS bloc; on the other are nations which are fostering war and economic breakdown by virtue of their commitment to saving the current system. It is time for Australia to reassess its list of long-term allies, as the late Malcolm Fraser insisted; only then might we find ourselves on the right side of the divide.

    Articles include the following:

  • MI6 clone ASIS is training Japanese spies
  • 'Hunt for yield' fuels new round of CDOs
  • Latest UBS controversy proves 'Chinese Walls' don't work; time for Glass-Steagall
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  • Media Releases

    25th March, 2015

    CEC’s Isherwood:
    Farewell Malcolm Fraser, champion of sovereignty and peace

    It is with both great honour and great sadness that on behalf of the Citizens Electoral Council I pay tribute to former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, who passed away on 20 March at the age of 84.

    The universal respect being expressed for Mr. Fraser from individuals and organisations across the broad political spectrum, speaks eloquently to his integrity, and to his steadfast adherence to principles.

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    Feature pages

     On the 200th anniversary of his birth, learn about our nation's greatest poet, Charles Harpur

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