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    Australian Alert Service

    11th October, 2017

    The fight is right vs. wrong, not right vs. left

    The electricity and gas crises head the list of predicates of Australia as an economic basket case. Despite competing to be the world's leading gas exporter, and having the most abundant supplies of coal, uranium and thorium for electricity generation, Australians don't have reliable electricity or sufficient gas. Households and industries are suffering alike, and the experts' solution to the electricity crisis is to manage "demand response", which is newspeak for shutting down industries in a heatwave to ration electricity.

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    • Take back the common wealth!
    • Don't miss the bigger agenda behind China's BRI
    • 'Magic of the market' makes fuel security disappear
    • 50-degree future a scientific fraud
    • A tale of two conferences
    • Bank of England steps up global bail-in drive
    • Economic collapse fuels divisions in Europe
    • Robert Mueller, Anglo-American hit man
    • Trump rocks Wall Street with Puerto Rico debt pledge
    • Columbus's first 'Belt and Road' inspired by Cusa
    • ALMANAC: The Money Power vs. the Whitlam Government

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    Media Releases

    17th October, 2017

    All economic problems lead to national bank solution

    The one policy that sends private banks into conniptions of rage is well and truly back on the agenda—government banks. There are now various proposals for public banks as solutions to crisis areas of the economy.

    Australia already has one government bank—the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), established by the Gillard government with $10 billion to invest in so-called renewable energy. It is the basis for new proposals, which, significantly, have come both from free-market Liberals and the Labor Party that turned its back on government banking in the Hawke-Keating era.

    At the ALP conference in Adelaide on 14 October, federal leader Bill Shorten proposed a government manufacturing bank, called the Manufacturing Future Fund, modelled on the CEFC, to lend to manufacturers for capital investment.

    In a 21 September submission to the Productivity Commission, Small Business Ombudsman Kate Carnell, a Liberal former ACT Chief Minister, suggested a government bank for small business, also modelled on the CEFC, to lend to the small businesses that the private banks are starving of credit.

    Back in May Treasurer Scott Morrison mooted the idea of an Affordable Housing Finance Corporation—a government bank to fund community housing.

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