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    Australian Alert Service

    27th May, 2015

    DIA documents expose British-Obama complicity in creating ISIS
    Khaled Sharrouf and his children The Australian government, with help from the media, is fanning the population's fear of terrorism to justify increased police state measures—be it in regard to the Sydney Siege or ISIS fighter Khaled Sharrouf's wife wishing to return to Australia with their children. But the harsh reality is that our government is in league with the forces that created the growing Islamic Caliphate and its "lone-wolf" offshoots. The Anglo-American/Saudi tool for regime change and global domination, however, is being exposed in a dramatic way, and usurped by the new BRICS/Silk Road mentality of "win-win" cooperation, as you will read in this week's Alert.

    Articles include the following:

  • Queen's miner Rio Tinto flexes its muscles
  • 'Helicopter money'
  • New financial system taking shape, urgently needed

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    29th May, 2015

    Isherwood: Accept China’s offer of peace through economic development

    Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood today issued the following statement, in response to the intensifying speculation of a looming war with China:

    “As you read these words, Australia is on the cusp of the most momentous decision we have faced in our brief history. On behalf of its puppet-masters in the City of London and on Wall Street, the US Obama administration is now openly determined to provoke a military confrontation with China—and is demanding that Australia take an active role. Terrified by the prospect of their rotten, already-collapsing financial system being supplanted by the new order forming around China, Russia and the other BRICS nations, the Anglo-American elite would rather risk global annihilation than surrender their rule, and they seek to make us complicit in that greatest of all crimes. Predictably, the mass-media propaganda machine is going into overdrive to whip up public support for this suicidal madness.

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