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A handbook on Glass-Steagall banking separation, national banking, the crimes of the banks and 'bail-in'. This 100 page document provides the urgently required solutions to rebuild the national economy right as a new financial crisis is unfolding.

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    Australian Alert Service

    20th June, 2018

    Breakthrough! Wilkie seconds Australian Glass-Steagall bill

    Independent Member for Denison in Tasmania Andrew Wilkie has stepped forward to second Bob Katter MP's private member's bill for a Glass-Steagall separation of Australia's banks. Katter and Wilkie gave notice on 19 June that they will introduce the Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2018 on Monday 25 June. Glass-Steagall is now in play among Australia's lawmakers.

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    Articles include the following:

    • Sudden density of warnings of financial crisis
    • In financial crisis, no check on APRA's bail-in powers
    • 'Borrow to build' is best done through a State Bank
    • Demand tariffs will inflict more electricity bill pain
    • Pacific 'security fears' over China are made in Canberra
    • Crossroads for 'Indo-Pacific': containment or cooperation?
    • Attention turns to Glass-Steagall, to strip power from banks
    • Rising US suicide rate demands profound national change
    • New tariffs are self-inflicted wounds on Trump's entire policy
    • G7 and Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summits
    • Singapore summit: a path to peace and security opens
    • We have a seconder for Glass-Steagall, fight for a debate!
    • What do Australians really think about China?
    • ALMANAC: The 'ignoble liars' behind Bush's deadly Iraq war

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    Media Releases

    21st June, 2018

    Is Australia sitting on a ticking derivatives nuclear bomb?

    Martin North of Digital Finance Analytics has looked deeper into the CEC’s warnings about the derivatives danger lurking in Australia’s banking system, in a 20 June YouTube and blog post titled “The $37 trillion black hole”.

    Click here to read North’s post, which includes a link to the video.

    Click here to view it on YouTube.

    MacroBusiness posted the analysis under the heading, “Is Australia sitting on a ticking derivatives nuclear bomb?”

    Every Member of Parliament must read this post! Send it to your MP, and insist they support Bob Katter’s private member’s bill for a Glass-Steagall banking separation to stop banks from gambling in derivatives.

    North opened: “There is a chart doing the rounds courtesy of the CEC (an Australian Political Party, who is advocating the introduction of a Glass-Steagall banking separation bill, and which is likely to be tabled late June) which shows that the total value of financial derivatives in Australia is around $37 trillion. I have had a number of people ask about this data, which is not attributed. What does it show, and is it right?”

    He then proceeds to confirm that the CEC’s figures, which come from the Reserve Bank of Australia, are correct, and, in fact, notes that other sources put the derivatives exposure of Australia’s banks even higher. A November 2017 study of derivatives in the Asia-Pacific published by the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) put the figure at $42.3 trillion, while the Australian Financial Markets Association records $47.2 trillion in notional derivatives outstanding.

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