Break up the Banks

The CEC has written the Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2019 to separate retail commercial banking activities involving deposits from wholesale and investment banking involving risky activities. It has been introduced into parliament and is currently the subject of a Senate Economics Legislation Committee inquiry. Submissions to the inquiry closed on 12 April 2019 and you can see the published submissions here.

For more details visit the Break up the Banks policy page.

The Senate Committee is currently scheduled to hand down its final report on 13 May 2019, less than a week before the next federal election.

What you can do

  • Call or email the committee prioritising chair Sen. Jane Hume and deputy chair Sen. Chris Ketter to demand;

    • the committee publish ALL submissions;
    • bankers on the committee recuse themselves starting with Sen. Jane Hume

Page last updated on 18 April 2019

Campaign Updates

15 Apr 2019
The Senate Economics Legislation Committee is currently conducting an inquiry into the Banking System Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2019 tabled in the Senate by Senator Pauline Hanson on 12 February.
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