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Media Release Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Craig Isherwood‚ National Secretary
PO Box 376‚ COBURG‚ VIC 3058
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Australia should solve the refugee crisis we helped create

Many Australians roundly denounced Immigration Minister Peter Dutton’s 17 May outburst stoking fear of illiterate refugees crowding out our jobs and dole queues, but nobody addressed the elephant in the room: our nation’s role in creating the biggest refugee crisis since World War II.

Successive Australian governments of both parties cheered on our “dangerous allies”, as the late former PM Malcolm Fraser called the UK and USA, as they unleashed the crises in Iraq, Libya, and Syria, justified by a series of lies. There were no spontaneous, grass-roots uprisings, and we did not intervene to protect people from murderous regimes; rather, we and our Anglo-Americans masters have colluded with Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who foster and fund terrorism; and we have subverted, at every opportunity, the main players who are successfully pushing back the ISIS terrorists—Syria and Russia.

Citizens Electoral Council leader and Victorian Senate candidate Craig Isherwood demanded today that Australia break its blind adherence to the US-UK strategy for regime change and war. “The special relationship is causing Australia to lose its humanity—tolerating and perpetrating horror on the other side of the world, and on our borders”, Isherwood said. “A humanitarian response to the refugee crisis would be to stop supporting the genocidal wars that are forcing millions to flee, which would mean breaking with the Anglo-American Empire.”

Australia pledged last September to take 12,000 Syrian refugees, but reportedly only 300 have arrived so far, and the full resettlement will take a further 12 months; Canada, on the other hand, has already met its target, resettling more than 26,000 Syrians.

“The CEC has always had a policy of welcoming refugees to make a better life for themselves, and to help us build Australia, as we did post-World War II and as the Fraser government did after the Vietnam War. The CEC’s vision to build numerous grand infrastructure projects on the scale of the Snowy Mountains Scheme will require a much more generous immigration intake. As to the protest that we will unleash a flood of people coming here if we expand immigration quotas, I say, well, stop the wars! By far the majority of refugees emphatically do not want to flee the country of their birth, but are forced to by the horrific conditions we helped create!”

Take the case of the Syrian refugee named Henekal, a mother with a physical disability who fled Raqqa after her husband disappeared, carrying her daughter for hours. Henekal told ABC’s Lateline on 18 May, “Before the war, we had absolute safety. Then all of a sudden, it became a terrifying nightmare of destruction and the sound of guns and planes.” (Emphasis added.)

The long-term plan for Syrian regime change

In 1991 then-US Defence Secretary Dick Cheney’s office listed a series of targets for regime change, including Syria, Iraq and Libya. By 2001 there was a detailed Pentagon plan to topple no fewer than seven neutral and non-belligerent countries, and 2006 documents exposed by WikiLeaks revealed the active plan of the US embassy in Damascus to overthrow the government of Syria. At this point there were no demonstrations or uprisings against the government of Bashar al-Assad. The 2011 intervention against Qaddafi’s Libya—an ally of the United States and Britain in the battle against Islamic extremism—set up a “rat line” of weapons into Syria (via Turkey), to encourage revolt against Assad and destabilise the country. (Watch this interview with American Senator Richard Black, recently returned from Syria, for more detail.)

The ensuing crisis, together with increased foreign support for any and all anti-Assad rebels, allowed ISIS to expand massively, taking control of much of the country, and beyond. The US Defence Intelligence Agency (DIA) forecast exactly this in a 2012 memorandum to the White House, which said that supporting anti-Assad forces would lead to al-Qaeda creating a “Salafist principality” and an “Islamic State”. The Obama administration pushed ahead anyway.

Isherwood also called for an immediate end to the cruel and inhumane imprisonment of asylum seekers in detention centres. “Australia has a moral obligation to these people. Whether they settle here permanently, or temporarily while peace is restored to their homelands, we should be welcoming and compassionate, as we would expect any Australian to be treated if they were in a similar situation.”

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