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Media Release  1st of December 2009

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Queen flexes muscle to demand Copenhagen genocide treaty

Just as the climate change hoax is about to derail completely, Her Britannic Majesty herself, Queen Elizabeth II, whose family spawned the modern green genocide movement*, has pulled rank on the Commonwealth group of nations—her repackaged “Empah”—to demand they deliver a treaty at Copenhagen.

*(Royal Consort HRH the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, founded the World Wide Fund for Nature [WWF] in 1961, as a charity vehicle for his fellow European aristocrats and their corporations to finance green movements around the world to stop economic development and reduce human population.)

The Queen’s extraordinary intervention smacks of real desperation—she knows her family’s long-term survival as modern feudal monarchs depends on her carefully-cultivated image as a powerless, quaint figurehead, so the stakes must be high for her to feel the need to flex her considerable muscle, which is derived from her royal “Prerogative Powers”, which include the powers:

  • to declare war;
  • choose and appoint all commanders and officers by land, sea, and air;
  • convoke, adjourn, remove, and dissolve parliament;
  • dismiss the prime minister and choose whom she will as the replacement;
  • choose and appoint all judges, councillors, officers of state, magistrates;
  • bestow all public honours, including creating a peerage for membership of the House of Lords or bestowing an order of chivalry;
  • conclude treaties;
  • initiate criminal proceedings, and bestow pardons;
  • and many others, which she has shown in the past she is willing to use, notably when she sacked the Whitlam government in 1975, whose “buy back the farm” policies were a threat to her own control of Australia’s raw materials wealth exercised through her ownership of Rio Tinto.

For the British imperialists, what is at stake if the global warming fraud fails, is the continuity of empire itself, in the form of globalisation. To survive in the face of the global economic collapse, nations are reasserting their national sovereignty, backing away from the free trade and deregulated finance policies that are the cornerstones of British imperialism.

(In a world of total free trade, freed from government regulations and protections, it is money which dictates terms, not governments, and that money is directed from the City of London—that is the British Empire. When nations reassert their sovereign laws to exert national controls over money, the City of London—the Empire—is defeated.)

“Climate change” promised to be the mechanism to both further globalisation, in the form of binding international treaties, global government institutions, and a new financial architecture centred on carbon emissions trading, as well as to deliver on the Prince Philip-led goal of human population reduction, by denying nations the right to develop high-density energy sources and high-technology primary and secondary industries, thus condemning them to poverty, squalor and mass death.

In the countdown to Copenhagen, that plan derailed: China and India refused to bow to the treaty’s demands to slash agriculture (China, India, South Africa and Brazil issued a joint declaration in Beijing on 27th November, promising to walk out of Copenhagen to protect their national interests); hackers or whistleblowers exposed the actually deliberate scientific fraud by the world’s leading so-called climate scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU); and in Australia, which under British agent Kevin Rudd was appointed to take the lead on global action on climate change, the parliament deadlocked, and was unable to pass the key climate change legislation, the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS), which Rudd was hoping to parade as “action” at Copenhagen.

This is the context in which the Queen herself has intervened, but a revolution is underway: instead of the usual grovelling acquiescence she’d expect, aside from the biggest nation in her Commonwealth, India, lining up against her (see above), her ordinarily very loyal Opposition in Australia has shifted under intense public pressure, and dumped the climate change believer Malcolm Turnbull as leader, for avowed sceptic Tony Abbott, to stymie the ETS bill altogether.

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