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Media Release  25th of November 2009

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Isherwood: Who would have thought? British genocidalists are liars too

The British oligarchy’s depopulation charity, the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), established in 1961 by Prince Philip and “former” Nazi Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands to realise their wet dream of reducing the world’s population to two billion or so people, is a key paymaster of the lying scientists at the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU).

The CRU basically cooked up the whole global warming fraud: in another time, before hackers exposed their true nature last week, Britain’s former chief scientific adviser Sir David King happily gushed that the CRU “set the agenda for the major research effort” in climate change; its “scientists” are the leading authors of the IPCC reports cited as the bible on global warming.

Click here for a sample of the most egregious emails showing the scientists conspiring to lie on global warming.

Citizens Electoral Council leader Craig Isherwood today scoffed at the flap over the CRU’s hacked emails:

“All that these emails show is what we said in our New Citizen newspaper in 2007—global warming is a fraud, and yes, scientists do lie,” he said.

“Especially, nobody should be surprised that scientists on the WWF’s payroll have lied. Its agenda is genocide: if you are prepared to do that, you’ll do anything.”

Mr Isherwood pointed to the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) report, State of World Population 2009 which has utilised the WWF-funded, CRU-written, IPCC assessment to claim the only sure way to cut world carbon emissions by two billion tons/year by 2050 is to reduce the year 2050 population of the human race to the lowest level the UN dares mention, eight billion people, declaring “[n]o human is genuinely “carbon neutral,” … [t]herefore, everyone is part of the problem…” The UNFPA specifically rejects energy-intense technologies like nuclear fission and the development of fusion to cut carbon emissions.

“The British genocidalists behind the global warming fraud, who all come out of the British imperial swamp of free trade and eugenics race science, are determined to reduce high-technology scientific growth, which will cause dire poverty, disease and famine, leading to an inevitable collapse of the human population, by billions,” he said.

Mr Isherwood charged, “Given this evidence of undeniable fraud, and the evil agenda it serves, the fact that our Parliament is tearing itself apart to push ahead with an Emissions Trading Scheme that will do nothing for our climate, but will gut our industries, is a crime against the people of Australia.

“It’s time for a revolution against British genocide, to develop sovereign nation-states through high-technology infrastructure like nuclear power, high-speed rail, and water diversion projects to green deserts, expand agriculture, and raise living standards the world over,” he concluded.

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