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Media Release  28th of March 2008

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Earth Hour: Turn out your lights for World Wide Fascism (WWF)

The World Wide Fund for Nature’s Earth Hour stunt this weekend, encouraging people to voluntarily turn off their lights for an hour, is a dry run for a program to force cuts in energy consumption, to kill millions of people worldwide.

And, just as the hour without lights will have zero impact on carbon emissions, the permanent, forced cuts in energy consumption the WWF is gunning for will have zero impact on the earth’s climate. Then again, that is not their purpose: Faced with the accelerating disintegration of their “globalist” financial system, the British imperialists behind the WWF are driving for worldwide fascism. The purpose of “Earth Hour”, like all other “environmentalist” scams such as “Global Warming”, is to brainwash the population into accepting the neo-Malthusian doctrine that mankind can do nothing about alleged “environmental dangers” (which either don’t exist in the first place, or could be easily managed with advanced science and technology), except to shut down all agriculture and industry.

The WWF was principally founded by three individuals, whose pedigrees give their British imperial game away.

  • Britain’s mass-murderous Prince Philip. He was quoted in an August, 1988 interview with Deutsche Presse-Agentur as saying: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation”, a sentiment he has constantly reiterated.
  • Sir Julian Huxley. He was the first director of UNESCO and the president of the mass-murderous British Eugenics Society when he co-founded the WWF.
  • Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands. He was the founding President of the WWF, and a former member of Hitler’s SS. When he left that mass-murderous organisation to marry the future Queen Juliana, he signed his letter of resignation, “Heil Hitler!”

So, if you are either: 1) a gullible fool, 2) a complete idiot, or 3) a champion of British imperial neo-Malthusianism (i.e. you are pro-genocide, which Parson Thomas Malthus himself openly advocated) by all means turn out your lights for “Earth Hour”.

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