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The Obama People

Exclusive Interview: Sam Vaknin on Obama's Narcissism
An exclusive LPAC interview with Dr. Sam Vaknin, author of the bestseller "Malignant Self-Love", the definitive book on clinical narcissism. Vaknin, in discussion with Brent Bedford and Matthew Ogden, emphasizes the frightening and cataclysmic implications of Barack Obama's incurable mental state, and underscores the critical importance of Lyndon LaRouche's dire warnings that Obama's psychology mirrors that of Emperor Nero and Adolf Hilter—and will turn out to be just as destructive for the nation and the world, unless removed from office under the provision of the 25th Amendment.

Interview with Portia Tarumbwa-Strid: Report from Chad
Portia Tarumbwa-Strid reports on her intervention to a development conference on the potential to save Lake Chad. Portia brought into the forum the NAWAPA global development program.

LaRouche Pre-Election Policy Statement
Lyndon LaRouche made this statement on October 30th stating what is at stake for the United States in the coming days before the mid-term election, and the needed policies to launch a national economic recovery.

Interview From Haiti
Interview with Charles Luckson, representative of COREJENE regional youth coalition in the East and North department.

A Certain Trumpet
The dangers of the situation in the United States after these upcoming elections on November 2nd will determine the fate of humanity for generations to come. Lyndon LaRouche stayed awake all night to finish his latest paper, why? Because, as he tells us in this discussion, this could be our last chance to save civilization. Pay attention and listen carefully to what Lyndon LaRouche had to say at this meeting of associates.

Decay Rates and Time
The false notion of an empty time and space, containing self-contained, fundamental particles, prevents sane thinking about science, culture, and economics.
Variations in atomic decay rates provide a certain empirical grounding in rejecting the possibility of "empty" space-time. All processes take place in a context, which is implicitly a universal one. This goes for atomic nuclei, economic decisions, and individual lives.

Texas Congressional Campaign Update
Kesha Rogers' congressional opponent Pete Olsen has a dirty secret: he is a protege of the free trader Phil Gramm, and continues to support the same anti-human ideology today.

Sing-along with LPACTV! Apply the 25th Amendment now in massive doses, SuperEgoGenocidalNarcissistPsychosis!

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