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The Hypersea Platform - May 1, 2011
The evolution of life on land was an anti-entropic revolution for the biosphere as a whole. Oyang Teng presents this process as one of a series of ongoing case studies of the principle of physical-economic platforms, manifested within living nature. In particular, this slice of evolutionary history is examined from the standpoint of the Hypersea theory of American scientists Dianna and Mark McMenamin, an extension of Vladimir Vernadsky's earlier work in founding the science of biogeochemistry.

Pandemics and Solar Cycles - April 26, 2011
Do you think that we should stop funding space exploration in order to "solve problems here on Earth?" That kind of idiocy might just get you—and all of the rest of us—killed. Evidence points to the fact that diseases are not a terrestrial occurrence, and that their "cures" will probably not be found here on Earth.

Colombia Rains and Cosmic Rays - May 17, 2011
As the nation of Colombia is inundated with severe rains, we must look beyond terrestrial causes for this global pattern of extreme weather. None of these unnatural disasters may be properly dealt with, in any country, if Glass-Steagall is not passed here in the United States.

A Fresh Look at Life - May 17, 2011
A fresh look into the controversial work of the scientist who won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of HIV, Dr. Luc Montagnier. Also, a recent paper published by a group of researchers from Northeastern University and the University of Perugia titled "Electromagnetic Signals from Bacterial DNA." See also: LPAC video
What is Life? A Non-Particle View

To Be or Not To Be: A Galactic Question - May 12, 2011
"If we recognize that to man is granted a higher identity, above the simple perceptions of our mere mortal coil, an identity consistent with the greatest achievements of classical arts and science, then we must locate our mission not in what is, but in what must become. "

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