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A Basement Interlude: From Planck to Riemann - June 9, 2011
Oyang Teng and Jason Ross discuss some of the implications of the New Quantum Physics video, taking up the fraud of statistical approaches in science. A sneak preview of upcoming work on Riemann.

The Universality of Mind: Meghan Roulliard Addresses Diane Sare Town Hall Event - June 8, 2011
Basement Team member Meghan Roulliard addresses U.S. Congressional candidate Diane Sare's Town Hall meeting in Hasbrouck Heights, NJ. The subject: the Universality of Mind.

Basement Team Update: Saturn's Storm - May 24, 2011
We have reports of a rare, massive storm on Saturn which reflects extra solar system, galactic processes. The Obama administration takedown of the crucial functions of NASA, and our satellite monitoring capability, such as the GOES-11 all-earth monitoring weather satellite in face of a widespread increase in geophysical activity of killer storms, earthquakes and volcanoes is criminal.

Is The Past Fixed? A Preliminary Discussion - May 23, 2011
What most people consider time is nothing more than a reflection of a particle based view of the universe. What Einstein laid out with his notion of relativity was only the beginning to establishing a true notion of space-time that centers around the creative nature of the universe, and that of the human mind.

Is the Past Fixed? Part I - May 31, 2011
Is the Human mind limited to the confines of the human body? Are the principles of mind distinct from the principles of the so called "objective universe"? In this part of the series we destroy Newton and Laplace by picking up the torch that Einstein left, with Lyndon LaRouche's unique concept of economic time reversal.

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