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Pandemics and Solar Cycles - April 26, 2011
Do you think that we should stop funding space exploration in order to "solve problems here on Earth?" That kind of idiocy might just get you—and all of the rest of us—killed. Evidence points to the fact that diseases are not a terrestrial occurrence, and that their "cures" will probably not be found here on Earth.

Obama's Policy for the Bay Area - April 22, 2011
The San Francisco Bay region is among the leading targets for the outbreak of major earthquakes comparable to a level of as much as that of Japan.

Earthquake Precursor Interview with Yasuhide Hobara, April 18, 2011
Earthquake precursor scientist Yasuhide Hobara and his team have spent the last 10 years developing a system of radio receivers throughout Japan, which send and receive Very Low Frequency (VLF) radio signals. Variations in these signals can indicate earthquake precursors. In this interview with Daniel Grasenack-Tente, Dr.

One Precursor Isn't Enough: An Interview with Professor Biagi, April 18, 2011
Professor Pier Francesco Biagi's research team possessed earthquake precursor evidence as early as March 1st of a major earthquake hitting Japan within ten days. Now, one month later, Biagi, a leading Italian researcher on earthquake precursors, granted LaRouchePAC an interview to discuss the issues surrounding this fascinating and crucial field of research.

Extended Sensorium: Life & Cosmic Rays, April 11, 2011
In January, The LPAC Basement published the Extended Sensorium report. Here we present a discussion with some of the authors of the report, reflecting the ongoing research into cosmic radiation and the principle of life as a universal principle. The implications of this research for the future of science is discussed, with an emphasis on research into earthquake predictability systems. For the referenced reports go to the Basement Extended Sensorium page:

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