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World In Review, April 8, 2011
Tonight, we bring you a report from some of the cutting edge presentations at the European Geosciences Conference in Vienna, Austria and the operations to suppress the only scientific work that will secure man's survival.

Potential Russian Support for “Operation Kepler” Extended Sensorium, April 8, 2011
Lyndon LaRouche has proposed an urgent international collaborative scientific program which he has dubbed "Operation Kepler", to consolidate and expand man's existing sensorium in the form of space-based monitoring equipment, which will allow us to forecast earthquakes and like disasters.

The Shocking Rise in Great Quakes, April 6, 2011

Short-Term Interests Mean Short-Term Survival: On the Ground in Vienna, April 8, 2011
LPAC international correspondent Daniel Grasenack-Tente gives an initial briefing on the exciting discussion that took place yesterday at the European Geosciences Union conference forum on earthquake precursors.

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