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An Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore Jumping Into the Ocean Could Wipe Out Manhattan

by Wesley Irwin, LaRouche Youth Movement

Al Gore: ``We should save frogs''.

If the sound of Al Gore whispering romantically in a deep voice about the feeling of mud squishing under his feet doesn't freak you out, the remaining minutes of, "An Inconvenient Truth", that follows this creepy opening scene, should.

The standard for truthfulness in both politics and science has officially hit an all new- peer review based, Oscar Award winning- low with Gore's new self promotion campaign video produced by David Guggenheim, which aims to revive Al Gore's long-expired political career, and at the same time terrify people about what has become the greatest scientific hoax of our time: the perceived effects of an increase in human produced carbon dioxide gas on global climate change. (F1)

Contrary to Al Gore's assertion in this film that all scientists in the world are now in agreement about Gore's view of man's effect on the biosphere, many scientists, including some who originally signed onto the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) statement on climate change, whose data Al Gore uses, are now refuting Gore's claims, claims which are based on unreliable data from ice core samples, and a mechanistic-statistical method for projecting temperature increases linked to carbon dioxide production fifty years into the future, using linear, computer based models.

Ignoring the work of Johannes Kepler (1571-1630) (F2)- whose work is the cornerstone for any reasonable understanding of the principled causes of gravitation, as well as the harmonic relationship of the bodies in our solar system to the sun and to each other- Gore trots out linear projections on giant graphs, as well as virtual-reality images of the polar ice caps melting, with whole parts of Europe and the United States submerged under water. Gore predicts ocean levels will rise by as much as twenty feet in the next fifty years, with Manhattan completely submerged in water, including, as he gruesomely points out, the memorial site dedicated to the victims of the World Trade Center attack of 2001. For evidence, Gore shows chunks film footage of ice falling away from glaciers at the West Antarctic, indicating the supposed cause of a future rise in sea level. What he doesn't show is that the ice sheets in the East Antarctic and in Greenland (which contains over 90% of all arctic mass), are actually increasing in size at this very moment! How could it be that man is increasing the total temperature of the Earth through production of carbon dioxide emissions and yet ice in the Greenland and East Antarctic sheets is increasing? On top of this unresolved paradox, many scientists, who have decades of experience monitoring arctic conditions, including international scientists featured in the British Ch. 4 documentary film, "The Great Global Warming Swindle" released this month (F3), say that only normal cyclical changes in conditions at the northern pole of the globe, from whence Gore's film footage came, are occuring! The ice is still melting every summer, and then refreezing, as usual. Nonetheless, Gore spends time in his film showing computer animations of soft, cuddly polar bears drowning in the ocean, citing the lack of ice for them to stand on. Perhaps Gore uses computer animations because no actual footage of this phenomenon, which supposedly results from, again, man's destruction of nature, actually exists! Polar bears have lived just fine through warmer periods at the artic than those today, and a recent NOAA fishery service report states that 11 of 13 polar bear populations in Canada are growing, while all of those in Alaska are considered stable. One wonders if the natural, cyclical increase of temperature now might mean better fishing for the polar bears! It is the case, however, that if Gore refuses to go on a diet soon, it is very possible that polar bear Al might drown in the giant, heated swimming pool in his house.

Despite the fact that the mechanistic-statistical method used to derive such Gory conclusions is blatantly false and actually anti-scientific, Gore goes on to assert that the reason for any continued disagreement of the "facts", concerning the perceived linear relationship between CO2 and global temperature, is the money of large oil companies used to cover up "the truth". Huh? Most of us would love to get "off oil", but Gore doesn't propose new national public transportation networks, using cutting edge technologies like magnetically levitated trains, powered by nuclear fission and fusion power. Instead, he proposes the same "bio-fool" policies of President "W" Bush, who plans on having us burning woodchips and animal turds for fuel, as the international "green technology" cartels reap windfall profits. (F4) This downshift in technological energy density would mean a conscious collapse of the capabilities to support human existence in the future, while at the same time protecting those financial interests who would lose control in a world where national economies were free to develop the "free energy" potentials of nuclear technology. Thus Gore's "solution" will decrease the productive power and productive potential of the world's national economies, while continuing to protect the financial interests of the global cartels. Gore is essentially protecting the same failed system of market "globalization", which is destroying the physical economy of the planet, but through which he, personally, has politically and financially profited. (F5)

While Al's monotone narrative of his own life is sure to make you fall asleep, there's one shocking scene that had me sitting on the edge of my seat. This is the scene where Gore speaks about the ultimate cause of the all the problems on Earth being that of an increasing human population. Instead of the free trade policies of so called, "globalization", causing an increase in poverty, disease, and lack of basic infrastructure needed to deal with natural disasters, Gore says the problems of the world, from the USA's bankrupt auto sector and it's outsourced machine tool capacity, to any and all perceived changes in weather pattern, are caused by man's nature as a destructive force on the "environment". The creative capacity of man to discover scientific principles that allow us to increase our population level, and it's density, over virtually any land area, is not only deemed unnatural by Gore, but is for him, the cause of all the world's problems! For any rational being, increasing population growth and increasing living standards for the people of the world is seen as a great sign of progress, a reflection of the benefits of scientific discovery. For Gore, however, human progress is a great infringement upon "mother nature". In Gores' mind, the ultimate problem are not today's effects of a collapsing economic system and a lack of scientific initiative to promote human progress, instead, the problem is mankind's ability to naturally change the "natural" environment in which he lives, thus increasing his population, through mastering scientific principles and applying them through higher technologies, like nuclear power. How would such a mind, who believes that the world is "overpopulated", be capable of handling the real crisis of 2 billion people living on planet Earth, without electricity today? Thus for Gore, the solution to both today's world crisis, is the thing that must be in his words, "blown up" at all costs. Gore says, "It's a moral issue". He's right. It is.

*F1 See “Implications of the Gore Hoax for International Policy”. See also Larry Hecht's “The Fraud of Global Warming: True CO2 Record Buried Under Gore,” and “What Really Causes Climate Change?” (PDF format) EIR March 2, 2007 ( www.larouchepub.com).

*F2 See Kepler's works, the New Astronomy (1609) and Harmonies of the World (1619).

*F3 See The Great Global Warming Swindle (British Ch.4 Documentary film, March 2007). A version of the film can be found at www.youtube.com.

*F4 See Cody Jones' article, "Bio-Cons Fool With Ethanol: Just Another Word For War."

*F5 In 2004, Al Gore and former CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Blood, launched London-based investment fund, Generation Investment Management , of which Gore holds the Chairmanship. The fund is now moving to broker and speculate on "carbon swaps", capitalizing on Al Gore's international environmental fraud. His broader promotion of the disastrous neo-liberal policy of unregulated monetary speculation, through economic "globalization", and his attack on building national infrastructure projects that "change nature" should be noted in this regard. See also, "London Spreads Blood and Gore", EIR March 16,2007.)

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