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Australian Geologist: Global Warming is "Hysteria"

Australian Geologist: Global Warming is "Hysteria"

In a humorous interview on Rupert Murdoch's SkyNews TV, now featured on "The Australian" newspaper's website, Ian Plimer, a professor of Mining Geology at the University of Adelaide in South Australia, succinctly devastates Al Gore's Global Warming hoax. Noting that he is "not in the game of popularity", Professor Plimer began by observing, "Looking at the long history of Planet Earth, we see we've had massive climate changes, driven by the orbit of the Earth, driven by mountains being built and washed away, and driven by the Sun. And all these features have been ignored in the climate connection hysteria that we are hearing. And I think if we ignore history, we do it at our peril. Even slight changes that we are experiencing today, we can relate to solar activity."

Interviewer: "So you're saying we're playing no part in any this?"

Prof. Plimer: "We're playing a very, very small part indeed, because the main greenhouse gas is water vapor. Carbon dioxide is a very minor gas in the atmosphere and about 90% of the CO2 in the atmosphere comes from de-gassing of the planet, through volcanoes, carbon dioxide oozing out from the soils, from algae, from bacteria, from plants. And the human contribution of carbon dioxide probably only contributes about 0.1% of the global temperature. So what we are doing is having an extremely minor effect on the planet."

Interviewer: "So, you'd have to be in the minority among scientists, though?"

Prof. Plimer: "I'm not in the minority in the geologists and astronomers. The scientists who are making the noise, and who are frightening people witless, are the atmospheric scientists who are having a wonderful long party of operating in self-interest in doing research on the atmosphere. We have in this country far more geologists than we have atmospheric scientists, and you can count them on the fingers of your hand, the number of geologists who take a contrary view to mine."

Interviewer: "So what do you make of initiatives like the recent Earth Hour [in Sydney], where we were encouraged to switch off our lights for an hour. Do you think those sorts of initiatives are helping at this point?"

Prof. Plimer: "That was absolutely useless, because the power stations were still still on standby, consuming coal, generating electricity. It made people feel good, it created a party and presumably we'll have a boom in babies born in nine months time [laughing, together with the interviewer]. But it's just a game."

It is also noteworthy that the interview is featured on the website of "The Australian" - Australia's only national daily newspaper -- since owner Rupert Murdoch is otherwise helping to spearhead the Global Warming scam through his other media, and featured Al Gore at a recent meeting of his media executives at Pebble Beach, California. In addition to Prof. Plimer's interview, a February 14, 2007 editorial in "The Australian", "Let the great debate on climate continue", also charges that the present Global Warming propaganda is "profoundly unscientific", and that "History is littered with lives and regimes that were wrecked when science was allowed to drive policy with no thought to humanity."

Prof. Plimer's interview may be viewed at : Watch the Film.

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