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Australian LYM Nails Gore's Global Warming Swindle


The LaRouche Youth Movement strongly intervened in a meeting hosted by the Australian Fabian Society (a "pro-worker" arm of British imperial policy, which runs the Australian Labor Party) entitled, "A New Socio-Economic Framework: Progressive Responses to Globalisation". Leading speakers included two Blair government advisers, Goeffrey Norris, presently Special Advisor to 10 Downing St., and Nick Thornley, an economic advisor to Blair for two years; Will Marshall, president of the DLC's Progressive Policy Institute; and Roger Liddle, advisor to EU President Barroso. We blanketed the audience of 50 or so as they were going in with the CEC's latest New Citizen, with the banner headline "Global Warming is a Fraud!" LYM members Aaron Isherwood and Doug Mitchell identified themselves and intervened in question time, Aaron to Liddle on the necessity for LaRouche's New Bretton Woods (NBW), and Doug to Norris on the global warming swindle, including whether the Blair government would fire Al Gore for pushing this hoax. The entire panel were a bunch of sophists, including Liddle, who denied the necessity for a NBW and protested that "we shouldn't halt financial innovation", and Norris, who said, "I respect your right to have a say [!] and put forward your opinion, but the science is well established."

The LYM interventions shook up the meeting, as evidenced by Thornley, who started a question by stating, "I'd like to know about this Lyndon LaRouche. If we come back in 5 years and have a conference in the same venue and the climate skeptics are right and we are wrong, then I look forward to it. I hope they're right and we are wrong." In discussion afterward, Thornley said he was familiar with LaRouche and had read some of his writings.

Australia was the first country to which Gore traveled after setting up his Climate Change Project (CCP) in the U.S., to set one up there and personally brainwash 85 global warming "presenters" to go around Australia giving his slide show. His CCP in Australia is in "partnership" with the Australian Conservation Foundation, founded by Prince Philip personally in 1963, most of whose early funding came from raw materials giant Rio Tinto (whose largest private stockholder is the Queen).

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