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19 July 2012

LaRouche was right about HSBC!

A U.S. Senate investigation has found that British bank HSBC (Hongkong and Shanghai Bank) laundered billions of dollars in drug money from Mexico and other countries, and transported the cash into the United States. It’s the second drug money laundering scandal to hit a British bank this year, after the Queen’s own bank, Coutts and Co., was caught money laundering back in April. The authorities who are making these discoveries are way behind the times, because Lyndon LaRouche exposed the City of London’s central role in the global drug trade 25 years ago.

In 1978, Lyndon LaRouche and his associates launched a national campaign to block the Hongkong and Shanghai Bank (HongShang, now known as HSBC) from taking over the Marine Midland Bank of Buffalo, NY. The HongShang was then, and remains, the flagship bank of the British Empire’s global drug trade. As part of that campaign, LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review magazine, EIR, produced the book Dope, Inc., which exposed the British Empire’s historic control over the global opium trade and the way in which large sections of the empire’s global banking apparatus were created specifically to launder the proceeds of the dope trade and hide the flow of that money back into to the imperial coffers. Here we present a small sample of EIR’s 34-year battle to defend the U.S. and the world against the Brutish Empire’s Dope, Inc. apparatus, and its “central bank”, HSBC.

  • In 1978, EIR issued the first edition of Dope, Inc., Britain’s Opium War Against the U.S., a groundbreaking book which detailed how the British Empire runs the global drug trade through a combination of chivalric and Masonic orders, trading companies, and banks, and dubbed this drug cartel Dope, Inc. It also identified the key role of the British territory of Hong Kong and its dominant bank, the HongShang, in the dope trade. The HongShang Bank, Dope Inc. noted, was “created in 1864 to finance the drug trade” and quickly became “the financial hydra unifying the production, transportation, and distribution of Asia’s opium.”
  • In 1979, EIR magazine defended the efforts of U.S. patriots to block HongShang’s purchase of Marine Midland bank, identifying the move as a “projected City of London takeover of direct control of the world monetary system.”
  • In 1985, EIR reported that the worldwide drug traffic had doubled in dollar terms since 1978, and previewed the upcoming updated edition of Dope, Inc. Among the new revelations was the role of Henry Kissinger’s Kissinger Associates as a board of directors of sorts of Dope, Inc., due to its banking and political connections.
  • EIR issued updated versions of Dope, Inc. in 1986 and 1992, adding new information and showing how the previous warnings were coming to pass. The dope trade had become a major problem for society, and our banking system had become hooked on the dope money.
  • In 1999, EIR reported on the visit by New York Stock Exchange Chairman Richard Grasso to Colombia, where he met with the leader of the narco-terrorist FARC, Raul Reyes. Reyes, Grasso declared, is "a man Wall Street can do business with." This was proof that Wall Street was not only hooked on dope money, but shamelessly seeking it.
  • In 1999, EIR re-stated its long-standing attacks against “HongShang’s 150-year tradition as the central bank of the British opium trade in the Far East, from the time of the two British Opium Wars of the 19th century.”
  • In 2009, EIR updated the picture yet again, identifying the role of British-run mega-speculator George Soros as the key operative behind the move for drug legalisation. To shut down the drug trade, observed Lyndon LaRouche, we must “eliminate George Soros. Shut down his offshore operations, remove him from any access to the American political process. Cart him off to jail.” Then we can talk about an appropriate strategy to clean up the mess.
  • The same EIR noted: “But behind each of these considerations, there is a single underlying reality: That the drug trade is the marker of humanity’s descent into a New Dark Age. The British Empire is wielding Dope, Inc., today, just as it waged its Opium War against China in the 19th Century, with an eye towards menticide and the bestialization of the entire planet’s population.”
  • In 2012, as new revelations surfaced about HSBC’s role in money-laundering, EIR wrote: “Briefed on the HSBC case, Lyndon LaRouche posed a crucial question: How much of the drug money was funneled into the 2008 Obama Presidential campaign? LaRouche cited the pivotal role of British agent and dope legalizer George Soros in promoting the Obama Presidential run and financing it, noting that the Mexico-U.S. border area from Arizona and Texas was flooded with dope money, coming back into the United States, during the relevant period.”

Today, this enemy agency now known as HSBC, stands exposed by the U.S. Senate as a criminal enterprise, laundering money for drug cartels and terrorists. To those who know their history, this is no surprise. It is past time to put this evil outfit out of business!

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