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Operation Glass-Steagall

12 May Media Release:

Election 2016: CEC announces Operation Glass-Steagall

The Citizens Electoral Council is intervening into the 2016 federal election to force the nation’s political leadership to address the urgent need to protect Australians from an imminent banking crash. The combination of Australia’s collapsing resources sector, overstretched housing bubble and massive mortgage debt, and the worrying signs that a new, deeper phase of the global financial crisis is looming, spells disaster for Australia’s banks and economy.

The CEC’s campaign, called Operation Glass-Steagall, will require every sitting MP, and every candidate, to publicly declare their position on two related issues: Do they support a full Glass-Steagall separation of commercial banking from risky financial activities to protect Australians from a banking crash? Do they support or oppose the “bail-in” policy of seizing people’s savings to prop up failing banks?

Get involved in Operation Glass-Steagall by writing to your local MP, and the other candidates in your seat, and asking them to declare their position on these issues. Click here for a list of federal MPs.

The CEC has just printed 200,000 copies of an election edition of The New Citizen newspaper, which comprehensively exposes the bail-in policy and explains the importance of the Glass-Steagall alternative. Click here to order your own free copy, or multiple copies to distribute in your area.

To spearhead this campaign, the CEC is running a full slate of Senate candidates in every state and the Northern Territory, and a number of House of Representatives candidates. Click here for a list of CEC candidates.

Click here to read the full media release, including CEC's policies:

Election 2016: CEC announces Operation Glass-Steagall
12th of May 2016


Escalate Operation Glass-Steagall—make the banks scream!
14th of June 2016

Treasurer proves why Australia needs Glass-Steagall banking separation NOW!
16th of May 2016

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28th of April 2016

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