April, 2017

LPAC Statement on Syria bombing: Fraud Against the President; Fraud Against the Nation

Glass-Steagall Is in Senate; Senators Push White House on Support

The New Paradigm is Within Reach—But Perfidious Albion Delenda Est

Russia, China and Bolivia Call British Bluff at UNSC Session

Syrian Airstrike in Idlib Targeted Chemical Arms Lab, Russian Defense Ministry Confirms

Ray McGovern: The Deep State Assault on Elected Government Must Be Stopped

Intelligence Professionals Warn: Trump and Nunes Must Not Back Down to 'Deep State Actors'

March, 2017

State Department Confirms Trump-Xi Summit Next Week

President Trump Wants to Revive the 'American System of Economy'

Interview with financial analyst and author Nomi Prins

Nunes: Evidence Is In Hand that Trump and Team Were Monitored Under Obama

Scott Ritter Joins Drumbeat Pointing to Britain's GCHQ Role in Wiretapping of Trump

East-West Committee Member Takes Heart at U.S.-Russian Military Cooperation

American Banker Asked Yellen To Weigh In Against Glass-Steagall—Which She Did

U.S. Must Play Its Part in the Belt and Road Symphony

What's at Stake in Obama/British Coup Attempt Against Trump

Military Chiefs of Turkey, U.S., Russia Meet in Turkey

Russian Response To Trump Address to Congress

Russian Senator: Preparation for Putin's Meeting with Trump Underway

Economic Blockade Raises Tensions in Ukraine

'Connectivity' and China's One Belt, One Road at Center of ECO Meeting in Pakistan

February, 2017

The Euromaidan Regime against Ukraine—Video, Natalia Vitrenko

Russian Defense Minister Hits Color Revolutions and NATO in Moscow Speech

Day of truth on 3rd anniversary of Soros-Obama-backed Nazi Coup in Ukraine: Is the United States Their Next Target?

Anglo-American War Party Seeks to Blow Up Ukraine, Wreck U.S.-Russian Prospects

Sen. Cantwell Skewers Treasury Secretary Mnuchin in Floor Speech

Kremlin Spokesman: We Don't Respond to Fake News; Diplomatic Contact with the U.S. Continues as Usual

President Trump Announces Serious War on Drugs, But Must Include Central Role of British-Wall Street Banks

Climategate II, NOAA Whistleblower, Exclusive Background

Glass-Steagall Bill Reintroduced in US Congress (HR 790)

January, 2017

Sen. Mike Gravel on the incoming Trump Administration

Italian MEP: Italy must leave Euro, Enact Glass-SteagallP> Trump Being Trapped By London and Wall Street

British PM Comes to Washington To Save the British Empire from Trump

President Xi To Expound His Vision of a 'Community of Common Destiny' During Switzerland Visit

LPAC Exclusive: Full Interview with frm. CIA Analyst Ray McGovern<

Trump Tells Wall Street Journal He Is Open to Improved Ties with Russia, Including Lifting the Sanctions

Preparations for Astana Syrian Peace Talks Moving Forward

President-elect Trump—Commit to Glass-Steagall by State of the Union

President Xi Underlines Importance of BRICS Cooperation In Letter to BRICS Leaders

Message of Condolence to the Alexandrov Ensemble and the People of Russia

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