February, 2017

Climategate II, NOAA Whistleblower, Exclusive Background

Glass-Steagall Bill Reintroduced in US Congress (HR 790)

January, 2017

Sen. Mike Gravel on the incoming Trump Administration

Italian MEP: Italy must leave Euro, Enact Glass-SteagallP> Trump Being Trapped By London and Wall Street

British PM Comes to Washington To Save the British Empire from Trump

President Xi To Expound His Vision of a 'Community of Common Destiny' During Switzerland Visit

LPAC Exclusive: Full Interview with frm. CIA Analyst Ray McGovern<

Trump Tells Wall Street Journal He Is Open to Improved Ties with Russia, Including Lifting the Sanctions

Preparations for Astana Syrian Peace Talks Moving Forward

President-elect Trump—Commit to Glass-Steagall by State of the Union

President Xi Underlines Importance of BRICS Cooperation In Letter to BRICS Leaders

Message of Condolence to the Alexandrov Ensemble and the People of Russia

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