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Was Obama's Intercept Evidence Faked? Senior British Diplomat Raises Key Points
September 4, 2013 • 10:07AM

The strongest case that the Obama Administration has against the Assad government in Syria for responsibility for the Aug. 21 alleged chemical weapons attack, is purely circumstantial, a highly placed Washington, D.C. source told EIR, today. There is no more evidence than that. There is evidence of the flow of chemical canisters into the area where the attack occurred, and there are reports of the trajectory of rockets, but there is no connecting tissue. That this is the case, is reflected in publicly available discussions on the matter.

On Aug. 31, Craig Murray, a former British diplomat, noted on his blog, that U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry had cited communications intercepts as part of the U.S. "evidence" for the Aug. 21 alleged chemical attack, but the British government, in its dossier submitted to Parliament ahead of the Aug. 29 vote, did not. This is strange, because the most powerful listening post in the region is the British GCHQ station in the Troodos Mountains of Cyprus. Murray has first-hand knowledge of the capabilities of Troodos, stemming from his tour of duty in Cyprus for the Foreign Office in the mid-'90s. "Its capacity and efficiency, as well as its reach, is staggering," he writes.

"It is therefore very strange, to say the least, that John Kerry claims to have access to communications intercepts of Syrian military and officials organizing chemical weapons attacks, which intercepts were not available to the British Joint Intelligence Committee," Murray continues. "On one level the explanation is simple. The intercept evidence was provided to the U.S.A. by Mossad, according to my own well-placed source in the Washington intelligence community. Intelligence provided by a third party is not automatically shared with the U.K., and indeed Israel specifies it should not be."

The capabilities of the Mossad, Murray argues, don't compare to the Troodos installation, while the reported content of the conversations fits in exactly with Troodos tasking, and "and would have tripped all the triggers." So, how did the Mossad get an intercept that the British missed? The only possible explanation is that the communication went via a purely landline route and the Mossad had a tap, but this, for a variety of reasons, is an unlikely explanation.

"Israel has repeatedly been involved in the Syrian civil war, carrying out a number of illegal bombings and missile strikes over many months. This absolutely illegal activity by Israel which has killed a great many civilians, including children has brought no condemnation at all from the West. Israel has now provided 'intelligence' to the United States designed to allow the United States to join in with Israel's bombing and missile campaign.

"The answer to the Troodos Conundrum is simple. Troodos did not pick up the intercepts because they do not exist. Mossad fabricated them. John Kerry's 'evidence' is the shabbiest of tricks. More children may now be blown to pieces by massive American missile blasts. It is nothing to do with humanitarian intervention. It is, yet again, the U.S.A. acting at the behest of Israel."

Murray's post was picked up by a number of websites, mostly of the leftist, antiwar, anti-globalization variety, including the blog of retired DIA officer Col. Patrick Lang. It does not appear to have been picked up by any mainstream news sites, but within 24 hours, the Daily Express of London reported on a supposed leak from an unnamed RAF officer who said that Troodos picked up a communication from a "regional commander" ordering a local artillery commander in Damascus to use chemical munitions or be shot. "The commander of the artillery battery told the regional commander that he would not comply and there was a heated exchange. He was told in direct language that unless the order was carried out, he would be shot. A total of 27 chemical artillery shells were then fired at the suburb in a 14-minute period."

Some comments on Pat Lang's blog indicate that it is, indeed, possible to fake something like this, too. Lang, himself wrote: "All you need is a radio and the right frequencies." After two-and-a-half years of war, there's plenty of reason to think that the opposition groups have captured Syrian army communications gear and are using it for more than just listening. The Express adds, in fact, that "the messages were initially treated with 'caution' by analysts, who feared they might be fakes 'planted' by rebels desperate for Western military support."

But the real question is, if, indeed, this reported intercept is real, it would qualify as "slam dunk" evidence that the regime ordered the chemical bombardment of some neighborhood of Damascus. Yet, Prime Minister David Cameron went to Parliament with evidence as vague is what Obama is using to try to convince Congress it must vote for his war in Syria, and Cameron lost. It appears that the alleged leak to the Daily Express, only an attempt to counter Murray's blog post.

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