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Murdoch's Fox TV Features EIR in Coverage of Diana Murder Film
May 18, 2011 • 7:44AM

Rupert Murdoch's Fox TV News, the most widely viewed cable news network in the United States, featured EIR editor Jeff Steinberg on a panel of experts debating whether Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed were murdered, or victims of a drunk driving accident in Aug. 1997 in Paris. The Saturday night 9 PM edition of Justice with Judge Jeanine on May 14, featured a fifteen-minute segment with EIR's Jeff Steinberg, along with British author Noel Botham (The Murder of Princess Diana) and Paul Burrell, Princess Diana's royal butler.

While Steinberg and Botham made a detailed case that the couple were murdered, Burrell, who received a Royal Victorian Medal personally from Queen Elizabeth II in November 1997, tried to assert that the deaths were the result of a drunk-driving accident. Burrell had previously admitted that he had lied to investigators looking into the deaths of Diana and Dodi; yet, paradoxically, he was a source of a letter, written by Princess Diana two years before her death, in which the Princess of Wales confided that her ex-husband and other Royals were going to have her murdered and would probably arrange for a car crash to appear to be an accident.

View the interview here.

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