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The Extended Sensorium

A new report by the Basement Project


Thus, in summary, we are confronted with three categories of direct, or indirect human experience: 1.) What is traditionally regarded as the subject of human sense-experience; 2.) An intermediate domain, which recognizes qualities of sense-experience which can be recognized in domains much broader than conventional notions of sense-perception; 3.) The known domain whose characteristic is the role of specifically human creative powers of insight and innovation.

In earlier reports on this subject, the emphasis had been placed on the crucial importance of the second, middle ground, that of sensible experiences beyond the category of the five heretofore “conventional” notions of sense-perception, including the prominent role of the added experience expressed by aid of the role of scientific instruments.

Now, in this present report, our attention is focused on the domain of a middle stage of our obligatory investigations, a stage which is represented by the seeking out of the subject of those additional sensory powers which are expressed within the ranges of cosmic radiation, which now includes what are both useful and tolerable for both human and other forms of life, but are, nonetheless, not yet the voluntary expressions of specifically human creative powers.

Although these extended powers of sense-perception, include, for example, the special senses expressed as being employed through the design of migratory birds, the extended categories of sense-perceptions, such as those of such birds, do represent an intermediate quality of types, which all share the quality of the intermediate quality lying between what might regarded as presently accepted notions of sense-perception and the cognitive powers unique to the human species among known species of living organisms. Next, comes creativity in and of itself.

It is my function in this report, to identify the mission which this indicated set of steps implies, the mission which other members of the team will, chiefly, carry out. --- Lyndon LaRouche, What Makes Sense?

Research Report

1. Synesthesia: Beyond the Five Senses • Oyang Teng

2. Helen Keller: Mind over Instrumentation • Meghan Rouillard

3. Following the Beat of a Different Drummer • Peter Martinson

4. Polarization Sensitivity: a Strong and Weak Sense • Meghan Rouillard

5. What is Polarized Light? • Jason Ross

6. Insects and Infrared • Oyang Teng

7. Magnetoreception • Benjamin Deniston

8. Unheard Melodies: Electric and Magnetic Senses in Humans • Sky Shields

9. The Ironies of Smell • Jason Ross

9. A Touching Subject • Jason Ross

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