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Queen Elizabeth II Weighs In on Climate Control

November 28, 2009 (LPAC)—Ten days ahead of the Copenhagen genocide talks, the heads of the British Commonwealth nations and the United Nations opened an unprecedented summit in Trinidad and Tobago. Opening the meeting, Commonwealth Secretary General Kamalesh Sharma warned of the "looming existential catastrophe of climate change," and said that the organization has to restate its "shared responsibilities toward the preservation of our planet."

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, the head of the 53-nation Commonwealth composed mainly of former British colonies, was also attending the start of the three-day summit to push Prince Philip's genocidal agenda.

Lyndon LaRouche commented that normally discretion would advise the Queen not to be directly involved in a meeting of this sensitivity involving the implicit issue of genocide.

In a rare move, non-members UN chief Ban Ki-moon, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, and Danish Prime Minister Lars Loekke Rasmussen were to address the leaders of the British Commonwealth behind closed doors later Friday. The three leaders were invited to Trinidad by Prime Minister Patrick Manning, who said there had been "some concern about the way negotiations were going ahead of Copenhagen next month." "A political statement out of [the Commonwealth] is not a statement that one can take lightly," Manning told journalists on Thursday. "It comes with the weight of so many countries and so many people, that therefore we feel it can have some effect on influencing the way that the discussions go in Denmark."

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced that he is proposing setting up a global fund to kick-start the Copenhagen climate change process. The fund would be for 10 billion pounds with Britain contributing 800 million pounds. He said he expected Nicolas Sarkozy would support his proposal.

Not to be left out, British agent Al Gore and his sidekick David Blood (Blood and Gore for short) penned an op-ed in the Financial Times today entitled "Time is up for short-term thinking in global capitalism." In the course of the article, they revealed their British pedigree and called on the Obama Administration not to squander the opportunity to commit genocide: "We strongly support initiatives such as the U.K.-based Carbon Disclosure Project and the UN Global Compact, which are providing a forum for companies to communicate the risks and opportunities they see related to long-term sustainability challenges. Many, including the present chief of staff in the White House, have said that a crisis is a terrible thing to waste. Yet we are in danger of doing just that."

Otherwise, the Danish publication Politiken reveals that the Copenhagen summit threatens to rival the famous 1815 Sexual Congress of Vienna. In an article entitled "Climate Conference Sex Boom: Copenhagen's sex trade did brisk business during the recent business climate conference," Politiken quotes a prostitute who says: "We've been extremely busy. Politicians also need to relax after a long day." Other prostitutes said "summits in Copenhagen are good for the economy."

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