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Flu: Don't let paranoia rule

During the Sept. 8th webcast, LaRouche's national spokewoman, Deborah Freeman, who is a public health professional, responded to a question from a health care worker regarding the fact that she cannot work until she has had a flu vaccination, by saying:

[M]ost health departments are, I think properly, instructing people to be vaccinated now with a seasonal flu vaccine to provide them with some protection, and then later on, to get swine flu vaccines when they become available. There is a growing movement, particularly among African-Americans, saying that they are going to resist the vaccinations, because they believe that it's an avenue of genocide. I will say, and I haven't discussed this with Lyn, but I will say as a public health professional, that I agree with Department of Health recommendations, that particularly for instance in this case, where we're talking about a public health worker, that people who have not been vaccinated should not be permitted to work in these fields, and that is just a very basic public health measure.

Three different journalists submitted similar questions asking if the swine flu pandemic could have originated from a private or government lab, and could be part of an agenda of population control, coinciding precisely with the expected financial collapse of middle October. LaRouche responded:

Well, that's too simplistic. Of course such things are possible, but what do you do in such a case? Is there anything different to the way that you would do it before or after, one way or the other? If the thing is being spread, do you take the antidote? If you don't think the thing is being spread willfully, but is just occurring, do you take the antidote? So, do you see what's happening? The public is being played by this kind of thing, to induce it into a state of paranoia, saying, "Should I take it? Is it really they're trying to poison me? Or should I take it, maybe they're trying to frighten me into not taking it, so I will die? What are they trying to do to me?" Well, how do you judge a question like that? First of all, you say, "Wait a minute, buddy, who's 'they'? Who's 'them'?" Is it the U.S. government? Well, you should expect the worst, at least these days.

Don't get into this kind of thing. You have to operate-. In this kind of situation, you have to operate on the best option you have, and the assumption that if the disease is out there-and the disease is known to be out there; there is no question about that, that is very clearly established-then you'd better find the antidote real quick, and fool around about it; don't worry about it. I think the thing was spread, the rumor was spread, that this was done as a synthetic operation, and it's done in order to actually spread the disease. If people don't take the vaccine, what will happen? The disease will spread, and more people will die, including those who refused to take the vaccine, especially. So, that's the kind of question you have. So, in a case like this, don't let your paranoia rule. You've got enough paranoia in the President himself; he's got enough paranoia for all of us, we don't need any more. Forget it.

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