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Time Rushes to the Defense of "EZ Kill" Emanuel

August 13, 2009 (LPAC)—Under the title, "Ezekiel Emanuel, Obama's 'Deadly Doctor,' Strikes Back," Time magazine has issued a desperate defense of the President's Nazi health-care policy and the advisor most exposed for promoting it. Although Time doesn't dare cite Lyndon LaRouche and his associates as the original source of the hard evidence against "EZ Kill" Emanuel that is now sweeping the country, the magazine is forced to repeat—and confirm—many of Emanuel's most damning quotes, arguing pathetically that they were "taken out of context" or presented as "selective and misleading quotes."

As any serious investigator knows, the avalanche burying Emanuel in his own Nazi quotes originated with LaRouche. For example, over 150,000 people have viewed just one version of a video (www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho-0SHFEgGo) showing testimony given by LaRouche representative Anton Chaitkin in Ezekiel Emanuel's face, on Obama reviving Hitler's euthanasia.

Time prefers to cite Sarah Palin, Rep. Michelle Bachmann and Betsy McCaughey as the source of comments, articles and videos on Emanuel as a Nazi doctor which have gone "viral," and attributes to a Palin online posting, the "suggestion" that Emanuel "would employ a 'death panel' to decide who gets life-saving health care."

The article reassures us that the "health-care bill that recently passed the House does not contain, as some have suggested, any provisions that would deny treatment to the elderly, infirm or disabled..." Rather, it "anticipates saving hundreds of billions of dollars by ... discouraging doctors from unnecessary tests and procedures. The Obama Administration hopes that many of these reforms will be made in the coming years by independent panels of scientists...."

Ahem. "This is where the criticism of Emanuel enters the picture, since he is just the sort of scientist who might be appointed to one of those panels"—the IMAC death panel which President Obama lyingly insists he is not proposing. In fact, in his Aug. 11 New Hampshire pep rally, Obama was musing like Lady Macbeth, and not responding to any direct external question, when he brought up the widespread belief that he would "pull the plug on grandma." Twice he lied, saying he does not support "death panels" to decide the fate of the elderly and disabled.

Time tries to reassure the reader: "For decades, Emanuel has studied the ethics of medical care, especially in situations where a scarcity of resources requires hard decisions to be made. His work sometimes deals with the hardest possible decisions, like how to choose who gets a single kidney if there are three patients in need, or the reasons that doctors order tests with little medical value."

Still worried? Just keep in mind that "Emanuel's reputation ranks him among the top members of his field. He is published often in the best journals."

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