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Orszag's 'QALY': Hitler's 'Lives Unworthy of Life'

May 31, 2009 (LPAC)—The LaRouche Youth Movement's Ian Overton exposes the strictly fascist essence of those QALYs (so-called Quality-Adjusted Life Years) so valued and promoted by Peter Orszag, Ezekiel Emanuel, et al. as the measures for 'necessary' healthcare to be allowed to the population by a national health board in President Obama's healthcare "reform." The Nazi nature of this "measuring stick" leaps out from the description of QALYs by one of their leading designers and promoters, the British company Health Utilities Inc. spun off from Sheffield and Leeds Universities to advise the UK government's National Health Service.      

The company writes of itself, "HUInc. specializes in preference-based (utility) measures of health-related quality of life for use in: describing treatment processes and outcomes in clinical studies; economic evaluations of health care programs".      

Overton has found that "The method by which these people find the duration of their lives standardized, calculated, and valued monetarily is a formula known as Quality Adjusted Life Years (QALY). This is how it works: patients fill out questionnaires, asking them to rank various biological symptoms, such as vision, hearing, mobility, speech, dexterity, happiness, memory, pain, fertility, and ability of self-care. Each category has several choices of disability severity, each with a different point score. The worse the symptoms, the higher the score."       Other reports on the person's previous conditions and treatments are added, and this, according to HUInc.'s process sheet, generates "Utility Levels"—relative to the "General Population," the patient's demographic group, and his or her "Single Attribute Utilities."      

An overall score is generated, and then fed through the standard QALY formula—that is, it is compared to a person in supposed perfect biological health. Remember the "Aryan ideal physique"? The resulting number is the person's assigned Health Related Quality of Life (HRQL). From this, the number and cost of each additional QALY (defined as one year of "perfect health" that can be gained from the possible treatments) is adduced.      

The use of QALYs in calculating national budgeting priorities was used by behavioral economics freak Peter Orszag, since at least the time when he was director of the Congressional Budget Office. For example, in the December 2007 CBO report Research in the Comparative Effectiveness of Medical Treatments—pointing to the body actually created in 2009 and funded by Obama's American Reinvestment and Recovery Act—Orszag states, "While the very practice of assigning a dollar value [to] an additional year of human life has generated controversy, nevertheless ... estimates of about $100,000 per year are commonly cited.... The agency could estimate cost-effectiveness ratios, and rank treatment options on that basis."      

If the "ideal perfect health" year is worth $100,000 per year in medical care to restore, how much was a QALY of President Obama's nonogenarian, seriously ill grandmother worth, in Orszag's view, when she had her hip replacement? Less, no doubt, than the cost of that therefore "non-cost effective" procedure.      

But the crime is much worse. Overton emphasizes, "Nothing uniquely human is even considered in this diagnostic criteria; Man is reduced to a biological condition. Void from this entire utilitarian methodology is the creative process, the creative contributions to society made within the mind of an individual human being, which can be made despite the loss of all the above mentioned biological factors. Some of the most profound artistic, scientific, and political contributions made by the world's most developed minds were made within the last 2-5 years of their life, when they already knew they were dying, and thus threw themselves even more into their creative work. Humanity is eternally indebted to these people, the deaf Beethoven, the deaf and blind Helen Keller, the crippled Franklin Roosevelt, the tuberculosis-eaten Friedrich Schiller, the nearly blind Johannes Kepler, only to name a few—who demonstrate the value of a human life is not measured by money, or by biological health."

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