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LPAC Release: Dragging Their Feet for Hitler

by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

May 18, 2009 (LPAC)--During the past days, President Barack Obama has announced his intention to enact a health-care policy which is, in effect, his carbon copy of the infamous Adolf Hitler proclamation of September 1939 on the subject of "lives not worthy to be lived." That utterance by President Obama is the most extreme step in the direction of Hitler-like fascist dictatorship we have heard from him so far, but, for those who have been following Obama's politics since his meeting with Queen Elizabeth II and her pro-genocidal consort Prince Philip, Obama's public echo of the infamous words of Adolf Hitler is completely consistent with the direction against which I warned in my international webcasts of both April 11th and April 28th.

Those words by the President are not merely products of his own personal idiosyncrasies. They are the policies of the "Behavioral" psychologists around Peter Orszag, the direction of the economic and other policies of larcenous Larry Summers, and those of the brothers Rahm and Ezekiel Emanuel.

If we take the President at his given word, he has personally crossed the line, to present himself now as an echo of the very worst side of Adolf Hitler. Should I believe that he actually means those words he has uttered into the public? I have deep contempt for any damned fool who does not recognize that whatever President Obama has uttered, that team of his close personal advisors, such as Summers, Orszag, and Rahm and Ezekiel Emanuel, mean the words which Obama has spoken in this case. They have spelled it out in terms of the policies on which the Obama Administration is already acting. Obama's words are not just words; they are the actual content of the policies which are being expressed in action by those so-called advisors.

Do not be fooled about all of our citizens. The revolt against Obama's direction is building up at an accelerating rate out there in the boondocks, and behind doors where potent political circles meet. Only the idiots, creeps, and cowards among us are refusing to take my warnings seriously. More and more of the veterans of the cause of the sane and sensible have not only recognized the voice of Adolf Hitler of September 1939 in President Obama's words; some recall, vividly, what those words from Hitler meant during the years 1939-1945.

It will not be long before those evil words from President Obama's mouth will acquire an irreversible effect in the same direction as Hitler's similar words did before: unless President Obama is impelled, not only to repudiate them very soon, but to dump those elements within his own administration, such as Summers, Orszag, et al. who are the presently filthy paws and claws of Obama's own stated copy of Adolf Hitler's policy of genocide.

It is past time for those who have been "dragging their feet" for Obama on this issue, to honor, or tear up their fraudulent tokens of membership in the human race. Obama must repudiate his presently stated "wealthy-care, not health-care," Hitler-like policy now, not merely in words, but action.

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