Stop Nuclear WWIII

Stop Nuclear WWIII

  • Petition to Parliament: Australia must get out of Syria
  • Petition: The Warsaw Summit Prepares for War, It's Time to Leave NATO Now!
  • Anglo-American provocations in the South China Sea

  • Prelude to War in the Pacific
    (An historical account of China's claims in the South China Sea)

  • China's diplomacy winning 'battle' for South China Sea


  • Who's using chemical weapons in Syria?

  • Interview with Senator Richard Black: Aleppo—how Americans are being lied to

    Schiller Institute Conference, "Securing World Peace through Enhancing the Common Aims of Mankind", New York, 10 Sept. 2016

  • Address by Syrian UN Ambassador to Schiller Institute September 11 Memorial Conference: "The mask has fallen, the truth is there"
  • Address by US State Senator Richard Black to September 11 Memorial Schiller Institute Conference: "We are better than this, let's change our government's direction"

  • Interview with VA State Senator Richard Black

  • U.S. Policy in Syria: An Interview with VA Senator Richard Black
  • The folly of US military interventions in Iraq, Syria, and Libya since 2011
    Address by Virginia Senator Richard Black to Schiller Insitute New York conference, 7 April 2016
    * Senator Black in Syria, to change US Syria policy
    * Syrian reconstruction plans take shape

  • Phoenix Project Syria: Discussion Points on the Reconstruction of Syria
    by Ulf Sandmark and Hussein Askary, EIR

  • We Need a New, Inclusive World Security Architecture

    Saudis Are Chief Sponsors and Financiers of ISIS, and Are Playing Both Sides, Says Bob Graham
    Obama's Non-Coalition of the Unwilling Takes Shape To Go to War Against ISIS
    Helga Zepp-LaRouche Says, Fight IS by Development, Greening the Desert

    Ukraine: Flashpoint for nuclear World War III

  • From the archives: Dutch MH17 findings based on flimsy and partial evidence (PDF)
  • EIR Fact Sheet, Dec. 2014
    Who Is Behind the Drive To Dismember Russia?

  • Natalia Vitrenko's Paris Webcast: No to the Nazi Coup in Ukraine
  • Vitrenko: USA And EU, With Ukrainian Terrorists, Establish Nazi Regime

  • Ukrainian party leader Says World Must Name "Neo-Nazi Putsch" in Ukraine

  • Will the great democrat Michael Danby denounce the neo-Nazi upsurge in Ukraine?

  • ‘When your potential enemy believes you are at war, you are at war’

  • Western backing of neo-Nazi uprising in Ukraine a trigger for thermonuclear war

    Click here for background on the Ukraine crisis.
    Click here for updates and archive on the Ukraine crisis.
    Click here to see a map of how Russia is encircled.


    'Democracy Projects' Are Not Democratic: The Case of Ukraine & Russia
    The recent gaffe of Victoria Nuland being caught using her post in the U.S. State Department to push a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi into the presidency of Ukraine reveals a far more contemptible role being played by leading transatlantic forces, desperate to bring Eurasia under its control for its own political/economic survival.

    Russian Leaders See Plans for U.S./NATO War With Russia Over Ukraine
    Written/narrated by Leandra Bernstein. Produced by Alicia Cerretani. Izborsk memo translated by Rachel Douglas (EIR).
    The strategic significance of Ukraine today is that the crisis there threatens to become the trigger for the onset of a thermonuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States.

    Syria intervention could spark World War!

  • Urgent Appeal to the UN General Assembly
  • LaRouche: "No Military Action In Syria; Thermonuclear Danger Too Grave"
  • Zepp-LaRouche: Intervention in Syria Could Lead to the Extermination of Civilization!

    The following links show past releases by the CEC, which document the criminal actions, including aiding and abetting al-Qaeda terrorists, that Britain, the U.S. and possibly Australia, have engaged in over a long period of time, in order to create the pretext for regime change in Syria:

    From the archives: American leaders warned of nuclear war if U.S. attacks Syria:

    Crucial background

  • Euro-Russian-U.S. Experts Warn of Nuclear War Threat
  • Brennan and Obama, British-Saudi Assets?
  • AUGUST 1914, FEBRUARY 2013
  • End Obama's Alliance With the Assassins of Benghazi
  • UPDATED FACT SHEET on Obama/al-Qaeda Alliance
  • The House of Saud: British-Programmed Killer of Muslims (PDF)

    Syria updates

    Russian concert at Palmyra proclaims hope of defeating evil
    The struggle to hold momentum for Syrian peace
    Terror and chaos in Southwest Asia
    Russian Source Exposes Chemical Attack As a Saudi 'Black Op'
    Lavrov doubts the West will bring the Syrian opposition to the negotiations
    Is the takeover of Syrian opposition by Salafist terrorists complete?
    Syrian Deputy Prime Minister Says Syria Ready To Accept Ceasefire If There Are Peace Negotiations
    Syria Turns In Its Initial Chemical Weapons Declaration
    Saudi Bankrolling of Al-Qaeda Well Known to U.S. Government
    Assad Vows Full Commitment To Getting Rid of Chemical Weapons
    Russia Blocks War Resolution; Demands Full Investigation of Rebels' CW Use
    Russian Expert Decodes Info On Shells Found In Syria By UN Inspectors
    Dempsey Backs Syria Framework
    Lavrov—UN Chemical Weapons Report Incomplete
    Turkey Shoots Down Syrian Helicopter
    Kerry-Lavrov Deal Could Lead To Geneva II
    Lavrov, Kerry Reach Agreement On Syrian Chemical Weapons
    President Putin Outflanks Obama Again, with Open Letter to the U.S. Population
    Click here for more on this subject.


    Russian Media Cite LaRouche Warning of Nuclear War
    Rumors Israel Attacked Syria July 5
    An Israeli Grenade in British Hands Could Start World War III
    Sources Warn of War Danger Around Israeli Provocations Over Syria
    Russian Officials: S-300 Missiles in Syria Can Cool the "Hotheads"

  • Turmoil in Egypt

  • Boston bombings

  • North Korea Crisis

  • 9-11 Mark II: Benghazi

  • Iran war drive

  • NATO BMD Showdown

  • The battle in the U.S.—for and against thermonuclear WWIII

    U.S. leaders take a stand

  • Jones Introduces HCR40: Initiating Syrian War Without Congress Is "Impeachable"
  • Press Conference on Syria with Rep. Walter Jones, Rep. Charles Rangel, & Retired Military, December 19, 2012
  • Press Conference Featuring Rep. Walter Jones, Lt. Col. Wilkerson, Lt. Col, Shaffer, Bruce Fein, General Joseph P. Hoar, September 24, 2012


    JCS Speech on "No Long Wars" Represents High-Level Consensus
    Senate and House Vote Down Obama's Arming Syria Rebels; He Gives Them the Finger
    Opposition To Arming Syrian Rebels Growing In U.S. House
    Bipartisan House Opposition in Secret Hearings, Blocks Arming Syrian Rebels
    Rep. Jones Threatens Impeachment

  • 6th March, 2012
    U.S. military comes out against WWIII
    In a stunning, full-page ad in the 5th March Washington Post, senior figures of the U.S. military have intervened against the present British-Obama drive for WWIII. British stooges Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu—who is now in Washington meeting with Obama—intend to launch a war against Iran. Such a war would quickly escalate into a thermonuclear showdown with Russia and China, precisely as the British intend.

    Click here to read more
    Read more...

    Obama's drive for war

  • Zepp-LaRouche: Only a Complete Change in Paradigm Can Avoid Catastrophe
  • Lyndon Replies to Russia: Thermonuclear War Threat
  • Will The World Survive This Week?
    The Threat Of Thermonuclear Extinction

    Download flyer (A3 PDF)
  • When Will We Throw This Bum Out? The Obama-Al Qaeda-MEK Connection
  • Obama's Alliance With Al-Qaeda?
  • Jeff Steinberg: Until Obama Is Removed, We Are on the Edge of War
  • Zepp-LaRouche Issues International Call to Action to Stop World War III
  • LaRouche: "We're Right on the Edge of Thermonuclear War"
  • Helga Zepp-LaRouche Issues International Call to Action to Stop World War III
  • LaRouche: To Stop World War III, Obama Must be Removed from Office Now
  • Download CEC flyer: LaRouche: Remember Iraq! Stop Iran attack, nuclear WWIII Click here for more

    CEC Media Releases

    Isherwood: Australia must break with Anglo-American plans for nuclear war
    10th of January 2014

    China showcases nuclear deterrent to warn U.S. and allies, ‘Back off’
    7th of November 2013

    LaRouche opposes any military action on Syria;
    danger of thermonuclear war is too grave

    30th of August 2013

    The Syria crisis—stop British/Obama mad drive for WWIII
    29th of August 2013

    Rudd is Britain’s agent to turn Syria into WWIII
    26th of August 2013

    CEC exposes Australia’s role in NATO expansion against China
    12th of February 2013

    Benghazi evidence mounts to impeach Obama on ties to al-Qaeda
    15th of January 2012

    U.S. patriots warn Obama: attack Syria, and face impeachment
    18th of December 2012

    Isherwood: Australia must break from British-Obama push for World War III
    18th of December 2012

    A Preliminary fact sheet: President Obama is in bed with al-Qaeda in Libya and Syria
    11th of December 2012

    Top U.S. official: British-Obama lies on Syrian chemical weapons ‘preposterous’
    10th of December 2012

    Don’t be naive, Netanyahu wants WWIII
    21st of November 2012

    Helga Zepp-LaRouche webcast:
    Instead of War and Chaos: a Vision for Creating the Future

    8th of November 2012

    October-December New Citizen:
    Act Now! Stop Nuclear War!

    Join Lyndon LaRouche, Malcolm Fraser to promote peace; expose Hugh White, Michael Danby and the push for war!
    30th of October 2012

    Malcolm Fraser: Australia heading for nuclear war
    5th of October 2012

    U.S. patriots stand together against Obama’s war plans
    26th of September 2012

    Isherwood: Are Australians being whipped up to accept another war?
    21st of September 2012

    Thermonuclear war is …Unsurvivable
    4th of September 2012

    June/July New Citizen: “British Crown’s Endgame: Financial Collapse and Nuclear War”
    15th of June 2012

    Medvedev warns: violation of national sovereignty may lead to “nuclear war”
    18th of May 2012

    Will May 20 mark an irreversible slide to nuclear war?
    11th of May 2012

    Isherwood: ‘Is Gillard making Australia a nuclear target?’
    10th of April 2012

    Netanyahu to ignite a thermonuclear WWIII?
    23rd of March 2012

    More U.S. patriots fight back against Obama war drive
    12th of March 2012

    U.S. military comes out against WWIII
    6th of March 2012

    An International Day of Action:
    STOP the British drive for WORLD WAR III!

    2nd of March 2012


    28th of February 2012

    Would a restored PM Rudd take Australia to war with China?
    22nd of February 2012

    Obama allies with al-Qaeda against Syria; how heavily is Australia involved?
    17th of February 2012

    World war imminent!
    6th of February 2012

    Mossad Chief: Nuclear Iran is not ‘existential’ threat to Israel, global economic crisis is
    3rd of January 2012

    Patriots across globe mobilise against war
    23rd of December 2011

    Zepp-LaRouche issues international call to action to stop World War III
    21st of December 2011

    LaRouche: Stop the nuclear holocaust!
    19th of December 2011

    Hillary set up to attack Putin by British agent Obama
    13th of December 2011

    Support Russian moves to avert world war
    30th of November 2011

    Lyndon LaRouche: The British Empire’s WWIII plan must be stopped this weekend!
    28th of November 2011

    Obama makes Australia a nuclear target
    16th of November 2011

    LaRouche: Remember Iraq! Stop Iran attack, nuclear WWIII
    9th of November 2011

    LaRouche: Brits and their puppet Obama plan WWIII in Middle East
    4th of November 2011

  • CEC warnings:

    New Citizen Vol 8 No 3 Nov/Dec 2015

    Pressed by financial disaster and BRICS initiatives, British Crown Seeks War, Dictatorship

    New Citizen Vol 7 No 11 Feb/Mar 2014

    World Financial Collapse Looms, British Empire Prepares Nuclear War

    New Citizen Vol 7, No 8 Oct/Nov/Dec 2012

    Act Now! Stop Nuclear War!

    New Citizen Vol 7 No 7 June/July 2012

    British Crown's End-game: Financial Crash and Nuclear War

    Click here to view the video

    Click here to view the video

    Click here to view the video

    Backlash against White House secret war

    Including NSA Spying Scandal

    More Spy Revelations About Targeting of Traveling Diplomats
    "Barack Obama is a goddamn liar"; Intelligence Veterans' Reactions to Obama
    Isn't It Time To Call Saudi Bluff On 9/11?
    Representative Walter Jones Again Urges Declassification Of Full 9/11 Report
    U.K. Government Raid on Guardian "Symbolic"
    FBI Hiding Thousands of 9/11 Documents in Tampa Office
    Congress: Between Two Rocks and a Hard Place on NSA Spying
    Wyden Points to "Serious Violations" in FISA Spying Program
    Greenwald-Snowden Expose NSA Total Internet Spy Program
    Glenn Greenwald: New NSA Revelations Prove Snowden Was Right
    Jimmy Carter Supports Snowden Disclosures
    Ex-Justice Department Attorney Blasts Obama, says, "We're on the Road to Fascism"
    Paul Craig Roberts: 'The Unspoken Truth: Coup d'Etat in America'
    Has Snowden Become Obama's Osama?
    Snowden Cites Nuremberg Principle
    Bill Gates's Microsoft in Bed with NSA
    Putin Offers Snowden Asylum
    NSA Spying Revelations Rock Europe
    "Very Little Anyone Can Do," About Snowden, At This Point
    Britain's GCHQ: "Worse Than the NSA"
    The Real Targets of the NSA Spy Program
    Snowden Revelations Have Just Begun
    Israeli Firms in Middle of NSA Spy Scandal
    Calls Grow Louder for DNI Clapper To Be Ousted
    Greenwald Shatters White House Talking Points
    Briefing on Desperate State of Obama Presidency
    LaRouche: Impeach Obama Now or Face Overt Dictatorship
    NSA Surveillance Whistleblower Identifies Himself
    Obama Is Spying Illegally on Multiple Daily Activities of Every Innocent American!
    9/11 Investigation Re-opening
    Trail of 9/11 Is Heating Up
    More Attacks on Obama's Drone Killings
    Rand Paul Declares Victory; Holder Sends Two-liner
    LaRouche: There Can Be No Concessions to the President's Defiance of Law
    Walter Jones Demands End to Unconstitutional Drone Use
    Obama's Lawyer Eric Holder Stonewalls at Senate Hearing
    Holder Responds on Obama's Right To Kill Americans on US Soil: "Yes We Can!"
    Ex-Federal Judge Says Drone Kill Court a "Bad Idea"
    Brennan Refuses to Answer Key Questions on Drone Killings
    Evidence Grows of Brennan's Saudi Ties, 9/11 Coverup Role
    A Review of "Benghazi: The Definitive Report"
    Senator Says No Confirmations Without Answers on Benghazi
    New Book "Benghazi: The Definitive Report", Targets Brennan and Obama
    Dirty Wars Film Traces Obama's Kill List
    16-Page Memo Reveals Obama Adopted Blair Argument to Justify Drone Policy
    Obama Says, "I Am the Law: Accusor, Judge, and Executioner"
    White House Pounded on Right-to-Kill-Americans Policy
    Constitutional Lawyer Blasts Obama and Israel for Violating International Law with Syria Attack, Drone Kills
    UN Investigation of U.S. Killer Drone Program To Move Forward
    Former Obama Advisor Blasts Obama Drone Strikes

    NATO expansion

  • British Empire Grooms Australia, Expands NATO, for War with China (PDF)

    CEC exposes Australia’s role in NATO expansion against China
    12th of February 2013

    Lavrov in Foreign Policy Magazine: NATO Takes Universal Military Posture
    British RUSI Institute Calls for Restoring Empire "East of Suez"
    Lavrov Denounces NATO Interventionism at Munich Conference
    Rasmussen at Wehrkunde: NATO Moving into Asia-Pacific After Afghanistan

    War expands across Northern Africa

    Obama Sends Troops to Niger
    Cameron in Libya, Algeria: British Policy, American Muscle
    Rep. Frank Wolf Promotes Bill for House Select Committee on Benghazi Attack
    Putin: Libya and Syria Policies Led to Mali and Algeria
    Is Northern Africa Slated To Become Another Afghanistan?
    Cameron's Policy of Perpetual War in Northern Africa: British Brains, American Muscle, and Saudi Money
    Al-Qaeda Terrorism in Northern Africa Set to Spread to Europe
    Algerian Prime Minister Sellal Briefed Press Jan. 21, on the Hostage Crisis In Amenas, Stressing National Sovereignty

    Thermonuclear war is ... UNSURVIVABLE
    Click here to view the video

    Click here to view the video

    Responsibility to Protect

    UN General Assembly: Obama vs. Sovereignty

    'Biggles' takes point for Blair’s assault on sovereignty (PDF)

    Treaty of Westphalia vs. Responsibility to Protect (PDF)

    Why the drive to overthrow national sovereignty via "humanitarian intervention"?
    Tony Blair, Syria, and the Peace of Westphalia

    Russian military leaders have warned that Russia may preemptively strike NATO ABMD systems if they are initiated

    Australia's Role and the "Asia Pivot"

    British Empire Grooms Australia, Expands NATO, for War with China (PDF)

    CEC exposes Australia’s role in NATO expansion against China
    12th of February 2013

    October-December New Citizen:
    Act Now! Stop Nuclear War!

    Join Lyndon LaRouche, Malcolm Fraser to promote peace; expose Hugh White, Michael Danby and the push for war!
    30th of October 2012

    June/July New Citizen: “British Crown’s Endgame: Financial Collapse and Nuclear War”
    15th of June 2012

    Isherwood: ‘Is Gillard making Australia a nuclear target?’
    10th of April 2012

    China Pursuing Asymmetric Military Strategy and War Games, To Deter U.S.
    China, Russia Increase War Preparations In Response to Anglo-American War Threat
    China's Asia-Pacific 'Space Pivot''
    Who Authorized Preparations for War on China?
    Pacific Tensions Being Ratcheted Up
    Chinese General Warns Against U.S.-Japanese War 'Trap'
    Britain Endorses Obama's 'Asia Pivot' Nuclear War Fuse
    China Lashes U.S.-Australia 'Cold War' Thinking
    Obama Orders Stratcom Study of How to Neutralize China's Nuclear Weapons
    Obama's Clones in the Philippines Call on Japan To Prepare for War on China
    Obama Launches Thermonuclear War Deployment against China
    China Justifiably Views Obama's Pivot To Asia As A Threat
    China Issues Strong Warning Against Emperor Nero's War Drive
    Obama Shows the British War Game Is On
    Voices Against War on Iran: Hans Blix; Former Australian Foreign Minister Downer; Tehran University Professor
    Australian Review of Military Force Posture Dovetails with Obama's Scheme for Confrontation with China
    CEC Nails Obama for World War, Millions See "Impeach Obama" Message
    Obama Sends the Marines to Australia to Counter China
    Obama Asia Tour Has Only One Purpose: War with China
    Obama To Announce "Permanent and Constant" U.S. Troops in Australia

    Remember Iraq? Stop Iran attack!

    British regime change in Libya

    Obama Supplied Mercenaries To Kill Qaddafi

    UN Panel of Experts Final Report on Libya Concludes Qatar and UAE Deliberately Violated UN Arms Embargo

    New York Times Admits: Qaddafi Was Right

    Human Rights Watch documents murder of Qaddafi a war crime

    More Evidence Obama Ordered Qaddafi Assassination

    Qaddafi was an Expendable Imperial Asset

    Obama Has Blood on His Hands



    Russia's Resistance
    February 24th 2012 • 10:19AM
    As the crisis in the Trans-Atlantic economies intensifies, London's time frame to detonate thermonuclear war is quickly shrinking. Fundamentally against the idea that their world standing can be replaced by a Pacific-centered orientation, the British see Russian Prime Minister Putin's likely victory in the upcoming March 4 Russian Presidential election very undesirable.

    Prime Time Report • The March Threat of War
    February 23rd 2012 • 10:19AM
    The destiny of America was proclaimed in words of prophecy spoken by our first President in his first inaugural in 1789... “The preservation of the sacred fire of liberty and the destiny of the republican model of government are justly considered... deeply, finally, staked on the experiment intrusted to the hands of the American people.”
    If you and I in this later day lose that sacred fire - if we let it be smothered with doubt and fear - then we shall reject the destiny which Washington strove so valiantly and so triumphantly to establish.
    - President Franklin Roosevelt, Third Inaugural Address
    What is your commitment?

    Obama and Al Qaeda: Two Peas in a Thermonuclear Pod
    February 21st 2012 • 10:55PM
    President Obama and Al Qaeda share one thing in common. They are both assets of the British financial oligarchy. This new found union should come as no surprise to those who understand how the UK and US have used Al Qaeda in the past, and those who understand how President Obama's fragile psyche makes him the perfect candidate to throw the United States into a thermonuclear war beginning with the recent attempt at regime change operations in Iran and Syria at the behest of the British. Will the American people take away the major tool of the British oligarchy by removing Obama from office? If we don't we may not make it to the November elections.

    Lyndon LaRouche Emergency Broadcast
    December 23rd, 2011 • 4:00 PM
    As the world sits on the eve of the looming breakout of thermonuclear war and economic meltdown, Lyndon LaRouche made an emergency international broadcast, calling for immediate action to remove Barack Obama from office, by purely constitutional means, as the only act which can guarantee the avoidance of a global nuclear holocaust in the very near term.

    Exclusive EIR Interview with Col. Lawrence Wilkerson
    December 22nd, 2011 • 5:22 PM
    In an exclusive EIR interview Jeff Steinberg interviews Col. Lawrence Wilkerson on the coming threat of war, who is involved and what we need to do immediately to return to our republican principles.

    On the Edge of World War III: A Warning from Lyndon LaRouche
    This morning Lyndon LaRouche discussed the imminent potential for a British-sponsored World War III. The Middle East is the new Balkans in this context, where that trigger point has been carefully set up, and as the fuse is burning down on the financial resources to carry out that operation, the time for that operation to be launched, or defeated, is now.

    Lyndon LaRouche Urgent Message
    Lyndon LaRouche gives an urgent address on Obama's rise to dictatorship. The killing of Ghadaffi is only the beginning of what this president is willing to do to solidify his dictatorship he makes clear that our options are slim but we have a chance if we chose to fight.

    British War of Thermonuclear Genocide
    12 November
    The British Empire has always used famine, pestilence, and war to cull the human population. WWI killed at least 35 million people. WWII killed 60 million. But the intended death toll of a thermonuclear World War III is on the scale of several billion. As long as Obama remains in the White House, this global holocaust is virtually guaranteed.

  • Russian counteroffensive


  • It's Not Just Words: Russian, U.S. Militaries in Action
  • Destabilizing Russia: The 'Democracy' Agenda of McFaul & His Oxford Masters
       Click here for PDF

  • Bankrupt British Empire Keeps Pushing to Overthrow Putin
       Click here for PDF

  • London's Gorbachov Is the Key Figure In the Destablisation of Russia (PDF)

  • LPAC Special Report: British Subversive Operations in Russia

  • INSNA: ‘Handmaidens Of British Colonialism’ (PDF)

    Russia restates warnings & offers

  • China, Russia Increase War Preparations In Response to Anglo-American War Threat
  • Rogozin: Russia Will Respond To Any Attack with Nuclear Weapons
  • Euro-Russian-U.S. Experts Warn of Nuclear War Threat
  • Former Reagan Ambassador Lambastes Missile Defense Project
  • Hagel Announces Cancellation of Fourth Phase of European BMD Plan
  • NATO Should Halt Its Expansion Drive, Russia Says
  • Putin: Russian Military Must Be Prepared To Face Destabilizing Threats
  • Russia, Syria and Iran Condemn U.S. Intention To Aid Syrian Rebels
  • Russian Advisor on NATO Warns U.S. ABM Is Designed To "Destroy Russia"
  • Proof Obama's European Missile Defense System Is Aimed At Russia
  • NATO Missile Defense Forcing Russia To Take Countermeasures
  • Lavrov Denounces Interventionism, Wants Clarity from NATO
  • Russian Chief of Staff, Defense Minister Cite Military Threats, Possibility of "Major Wars" and Continued Irregular Warfare
  • Rogozin: If You Want To Use Nuclear Weapons, You Must Be Insane
  • Russia Continues to Remind the World They Are Prepared for Nuclear War
  • Syrian Rebels Are Using U.S.-made Stinger Missile, Says Gen. Makarov
  • Lavrov Demands Answer from Turkey on Grounding of the Russian Plane
  • Russia's Lavrov Denounces "Big Geopolitical Remapping" of Middle East
  • Russia Still Upgrading Nuclear Arsenal
  • Media Cover Russian Nuclear Triad Test
  • It's Not Just Words: Russian, U.S. Militaries in Action
  • Obama Shows the British War Game Is On
  • LaRouche: In May Meeting with Putin, Obama Will Lose It
  • Defense Minister: Russia Will Develop Weaponry Based on "New Physical Principles"
  • Russians Curse at the British-Obama Drive for World War III
  • Medvedev Repeats November Warning

    Click here for all Russian counteroffensive news updates beginning November 2011

    LaRouche's Alternative: The Great Pacific Alliance

    Hillary Clinton: America's Pacific Century

    Will U.S. orient to Atlantic or Pacific?

    Lyndon LaRouche Congratulates Vladimir Putin: "First Step on the Road to New Pacific-Centered Recovery"

  • Putin & Medvedev recently surprised the Brits


    Webcast 09.30.2011 - Live National Address
    Lyndon LaRouche delivers his live National Address. How would a real President respond to the potential constellation of leading powers? Russia has dealt a strategic blow to the British Empire, led by Prime Minister Putin and President Medvedev.

    Russia and China: Developing the Far East
    Sept 30, 2011
    We review the recent trend coming from China and Russia towards development of the Siberian Far East and the Bering Strait connection as the next land-based frontier to be conquered by mankind, focusing on recent breakthroughs in rail technology, all of which will be crucial to the development of the Arctic region. We then turn to the United States where projects intended to develop the territory of Alaska lie waiting, projects whose potential is under lock and key, so long as British-sponsored Barack Obama remains in office.

    The Great Pacific Alliance: Expanding Man's Sensorium
    September 27, 2011
    The Russian Spektre-R radio telescope is set to be fully operational by October. A U.S. without Obama, could fully fund NASA and the James Webb Space Telescope. Doing so will expand the Great Pacific Alliance into the Galaxy.

    The Great Pacific Alliance & Space Exploration
    September 26, 2011
    LPACTV's Lora Cross counter-poses the sorry state of America's manned space program under Obama to the optimistic outlook of both Russia and China. If mankind is to take his rightful place as an interplanetary species, the Three Powers must collaborate to explore and colonize space.

    LaRouche Comments on Strategic Moves by Russia
    In a discussion with associates today Lyndon LaRouche discussed the strategy behind announcements coming from Russia this week that it is prepared to act preemptively against NATO missile defense components. “Russia cannot wait, they have to say no now”.
    This is also the subject of the paper Mr LaRouche penned last night titled "The Showdown Has Now Begun".

    Russia's Warning
    The warning issued from Moscow this week shows that the door to a thermonuclear hell is wide open if we choose to walk through it. The removal of Barack Obama from control over the United States Presidency is not a matter of an opinion, a matter of taste, of some issue.

    Russia's Resistance
    February 24th 2012 • 10:19AM
    As the crisis in the Trans-Atlantic economies intensifies, London's time frame to detonate thermonuclear war is quickly shrinking. Fundamentally against the idea that their world standing can be replaced by a Pacific-centered orientation, the British see Russian Prime Minister Putin's likely victory in the upcoming March 4 Russian Presidential election very undesirable.

    World In Review · Reality Check
    February 25th 2012 • 9:24PM
    The only thing standing between you and thermonuclear war today, is General Martin Dempsey. But for the efforts of him and a small handful of others among our patriotic military, much of human civilization would already have been annihilated in a global thermonuclear war.

    Gorbachev & Obama: Made in London
    If the Russians understand where Gorbachev comes from, as a traitor to Russia, then they can understand what Obama is and why, if the planet is to avert both an imminent hyperinflationary collapse and a thermonuclear confrontation, Obama must be taken out of the US presidency so the emergency measures which must be taken, can be—immediately.

    The SDE & Real Strategic Defense
    Every serious nation knows that we cannot have war among major nations ever again. If we go with that level of warfare, in today's age of technology, the whole planet is finished. So what we do, is we go to space. We look at defense of the planet from the top down, and we take the threats from space, from extreme weather, and from silly nations playing war games, and incorporate them into one system, which will defend mankind as a whole. That is the intention behind the latest Russian proposal for a Strategic Defense of the Earth, a space-based system which would guard against missiles – as well as asteroids and other threats from space.

    Vladimir Putin Outflanks the British

    Russia Steps In
    November 29th, 2011
    With the delay of Britian’s plans for World War III, due to the opposition coming from inside the military layers of the United States, Russia has stepped in, putting it’s own resources at risk, in a bold move to shut down the threat of war.

    Click here for all war news updates beginning November 2011

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