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    Media Release 15 August 2013
    Aug/Sep/Oct 2013 The New Citizen:

    CEC releases 450,000 print-run exposing “Bail-in”—the British Crown’s Plot for Global Genocide

    To find out what the people of Cyprus bitterly wish they had known in advance, read the CEC’s latest New Citizen newspaper, which lays bare the murderous plan to steal all Australian bank deposits.

    As this New Citizen proves beyond the shadow of a doubt, a bail-in law is indeed now being planned for Australia. And, as in Cyprus, this law will be a death sentence to the Australian economy and, ultimately, to a majority of the Australian people along with it.

    The global financial mafia, concentrated in the British Crown-centred City of London financial nexus, which harboured the lawless financial looting and derivatives gambling that sent the world economy bankrupt over the past several decades, is intent on preserving its monetary power over national governments by dictating a global bail-in regime.       Read more...