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    Australian Alert Service

    20th September, 2017

    A national bank for a time of crisis

    It's an open secret that a new financial crisis, dramatically worse than the last, is imminent. Why else would the Australian government be preparing crisis management powers for APRA, the very regulator which aided and abetted our banks in the inflation of a bigger financial bubble than in 2007-08?

    Instead of granting these crooks greater powers, which amount to dictatorial control over the nation's finances, it is time they were sent to jail. Instead, regulate the banks with Glass-Steagall, separating any banking functions associated with the real economy from the speculative domain, and create a national credit system, the top-down principle which will bring us through the crisis.

    Articles include the following:

    • Big banks leave borrowers for dead in 'liar loans' sweepstakes
    • APRA inquiry into CBA's money laundering
    • Thorium can prevent future energy crisis
    • BIS admits derivatives hide $13 trillion in global debt
    • What might a post-QE financial crisis look like?
    • Frustrated US businessman calls for infrastructure bank
    • Obama commands lavish speaking fees from Wall Street
    • Is clock finally running out on 9/11 cover-up?
    • When Labor abandoned national banking
    • ALMANAC: Syrian reconstruction ready for takeoff

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    Media Releases

    14th September, 2017

    Don’t let Treasury bureaucrats fob off calls for Glass-Steagall

    Treasury is responding to requests for Glass-Steagall, even from MPs, with three-year-old form letters;

  • Such disdain reflects the banker influence in Treasury, and resistance to democratic accountability;
  • A three-year-old response does not take into account the developments in the financial system since then, nor the increase in political support for Glass-Steagall around the world, as demonstrated in the 2016 US presidential election;
  • Their arguments against Glass-Steagall are not just old, they are false: Australia doesn’t have a “high degree of structural separation”; commercial bank losses in other countries were not due to normal commercial banking, but property bubbles inflated by commercial banks doing securitisation/derivatives deals with investment banks.

    Unaccountable bureaucrats in the Treasury department are fobbing off Members of Parliament who have passed on to the Treasurer their constituents’ requests for the government to look at a Glass-Steagall separation of Australia’s banks.

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