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Australia must join with the BRICS!

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10th February, 2016

Will war with Russia be Obama's final act of insanity?

Leading officials of the Obama administration have pronounced Russia and China as America's greatest "mortal enemies", topping even ISIS, and announced increased military spending in what can only be described as a budget for fighting World War III. Together with vicious anti-Russia propaganda being pumped out of the UK, this dramatically escalates the immediate war danger—driven by the collapse of the City of London's and Wall Street's trans-Atlantic financial system. Glass-Steagall is therefore both the only solution to the financial crisis and a crucial war avoidance measure.

Articles include the following:

  • The Obama Administration's World War III budget
  • BBC pushes nuclear war propaganda
  • New provocations in Syrian conflict set stage for world war
  • Seymour Hersh indicts Obama on war against Putin and arming ISIS
  • Russian economist Glazyev slams Central Bank for helping speculators
  • Corbyn, McDonnell make inroads with 'New Economics'
  • Oil and gas sector a derivatives time bomb
  • The disastrous history of Australia’s banking deregulation

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11th February, 2016

Australia’s ‘dangerous allies’ ready their forces for war with Russia, China; will we follow along?

The USA and UK—Australia’s “dangerous allies” in the words of the late Malcolm Fraser—have suddenly escalated their preparations for a showdown with Russia and China. The question is: will Australia go along with this insanity?

Two top national security officials of the Obama Administration have just declared war, in effect, against Russia. Director of National Intelligence Gen. James Clapper and Defence Secretary Ashton Carter have both issued high-profile statements during the past fortnight, focusing on Russia as the “mortal enemy” of the United States.

In a 31 January interview with WTOP radio in Washington, DC, Clapper ranked the threat from Russia far above the threat coming from the Islamic State. He termed Russia’s recent advances in its nuclear weapons a “mortal threat” to the United States, whereas ISIS poses no such threat, and listed the greatest threats to the United States as a newly aggressive Russia, a belligerent nuclear-armed North Korea, Iran’s proxy warfare capabilities, and Chinese espionage.

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