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    20th May, 2015

    Australia sets Nazi standard for refugee treatment
    Left, Children on board the St Louis which tried to flee Nazi Germany but was turned away from Cuba and the USA. Right, a boat crammed with Rohingya refugees recently towed away from Thailand. Instead of Australia perpetuating the fear-driven abuse of refugees—a shameful repeat of the treatment of Jewish Germans fleeing the Nazis before WWII—we could and should lead the world in demonstrating a standard of decency that is fast being lost under this present, financially and morally bankrupt globalised financial system, a standard that treats all human beings with dignity and compassion. Australia is also uniquely placed to demonstrate the extraordinary potential resource that displaced peoples represent, once resettled and engaged in the work of building their new country. With our ample land mass, abundant natural resources, extreme underdevelopment, and historical experience with national banking, absolutely nothing is stopping us. At the same time this would strengthen our relations with our Asian neighbours who are leading the way into the new economic paradigm of the BRICS and New Silk Road.

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  • Did MI6 script 60 Minutes' propaganda on MH17?
  • ASIC finally "worried" about the housing bubble

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    22nd May, 2015

    ASIC bubble warning is admission Australia’s banks will crash without Glass-Steagall

    Although he did not phrase it as such, ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments Commission) Chairman Greg Medcraft’s warning about the Sydney and Melbourne property markets bubble is the highest-level admission yet that Australia’s whole banking system is set to blow.

    Remarking that “history shows that people don’t know when they are in a bubble until it’s over” and that he is therefore “quite worried about the Sydney and Melbourne property markets” (Australian Financial Review, 18 May 2015), the evidence of a bubble flagged by Medcraft includes:

    • An “historic high” in the ratio of average house price to average income in both cities (according to the 11th Annual Demographia International Housing Affordability Survey: 2015, Sydney’s ratio is 9.8:1 and Melbourne’s 8.7:1, both in the “severely unaffordable” range);

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