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In this week's Australian Alert Service
19 April 2017

What keeps the Empire awake at night

The political situation globally is extremely fluid, and while exceedingly dangerous it also carries immense opportunities for rapid and radical change. For decades the Citizens Electoral Council and our international associates have planted the seeds for the policy changes required to launch an economic renaissance. Green shoots from many of those seeds have already sprung up, such as the New Silk Road and World Land-Bridge; others—such as a four-power collaboration between the USA, Russia, China and India, reviving the American System of economics, and financial reform exemplified by "Glass-Steagall"—are beginning to break through.

Between the proximity of a new global financial crash and the threat that it would tip the aforementioned policy changes into reality, the Anglo-American establishment, which still has a white-knuckle grip on the institutions surrounding the US presidency, is desperate. They will use every tool at hand, every time-bomb they have planted over recent decades, every available agent of influence, to steer the world towards war.

On 15 April, UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called for joint Anglo-American action to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad from power. Admitting that under Trump Britain's longstanding goal of regime change had been stymied, Johnson crowed: "And then came the attack on Khan Sheikhoun."

Britain was so successful in using this alleged but unproven attack to put regime change back on the agenda that Russian President Vladimir Putin warned on 11 April that more such chemical weapons attacks are planned as "provocations" to derail the peace process. The Guardian of London openly threatened Assad with a "Libyan-style outcome", i.e. murder, the fate of Muammar Gaddafi. What would be the effect of taking Assad out? We saw it in Iraq and Libya! Ex-NATO General Harald Kujat summed it up: "If Assad leaves now, the Syrian army will collapse and there will no longer be ground forces that can defeat ISIS."

Had Trump kept his promise and rolled back American participation in regime change in the Middle East, peace on the Korean Peninsula would already be a work in progress. North Korea was not a threat to the world before Anglo-American war threats made it so. Under the administration of US President Bill Clinton, negotiations with North Korea were very successful, establishing cooperation for nuclear power production which would not yield plutonium for weapons use. But under his successors George W. Bush and Barack Obama, this potential was ripped apart by regime-change operations against Iraq and Libya—both nations which had agreed to give up their weapons programs and submit to the invasive procedures of international authorities, but were bombed back to the Stone Age nonetheless. It was then that North Korea scaled up its weapons program in earnest.

On 8 March, on the sidelines of the 12th National People's Congress, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi proposed a "double suspension" action to bring all parties back to the negotiating table. North Korea "may suspend its nuclear and missile activities in exchange for the suspension of largescale US-Republic of Korea (ROK) military exercises", said Wang. This is an approach North Korea has reportedly proffered to the US repeatedly, but in the post-Clinton period no government has yet taken it up. As US exercises are always timed to coincide with North Korea's planting and harvest seasons, for which they require military involvement, ending them would have a major, desirable impact on its economy.

In reality, destabilisation of the region is aimed at China, just as the Syria crisis is aimed at Russia. Britain's intention is to prevent US cooperation with both Russia and China. They have achieved this, at least temporarily, with Trump, but have exposed themselves in the process. On 12 April Russia's UN ambassador said his British counterpart had "lost sleep" over the prospect of US-Russia cooperation (p. 3). Such clarity on imperial Britain's role as the spoiler and warmonger is rare, and weakens its ability to manipulate future crises.

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