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In this week's Australian Alert Service
16 May 2018

How to advance a fragile peace

Gravity doesn't exactly bully you in to obeying its dictates, yet it is an efficient force across the entire universe. Universal physical principles, a.k.a. the laws of nature, are "weak" forces but their impact cannot be avoided. The power of a principled approach to politics is similar. It might take time to take effect, but as seen in the case of UK Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, it can become unstoppable.

The impact of China's Belt and Road Initiative is the same, drawing nations into its gravitational field. China was the only nation to respond to reality after the 2007- 08 global financial crisis, creating state-backed credit to unleash physical economic development. Countries like Australia can resist as much as they like, and even try to sabotage its progress in the name of upholding the Anglo-American "rules-based order", but the brute-force imposition of "our rules" is ultimately no match for economic progress which brings tangible benefits to people.

This has also created the possibility for peace with North Korea, which, however, is now threatened by US President Donald Trump's inconsistency. As of writing, North Korea has just suspended talks with the South and has warned that US-North Korean talks may be at risk if US-South Korean military drills, which began on 14 May, continue.

When South and North Korean leaders first agreed to a peace dialogue on 6 March, Kim said he "understands" that US-South Korean military drills will go on and that they can't be stopped immediately. Such flexibility should have been matched by the US President. Remember, the USA and South Korea are North Korea's historical enemies from the Korean War, which never formally ended. They are practicing an invasion of the North right as the process to finally sign a peace treaty is taking place.

The neocons in the White House have convinced Trump to continue his "heavy hand" approach, by telling him that it was his threats against "Little Rocket Man" that achieved the breakthrough for peace talks. Consequently, Trump is consciously using this approach with Iran, thereby unleashing chaos across the Middle East. Trump's decision to pull the USA out of the Iran nuclear deal has given a green light to neocon and Israeli ambitions to escalate militarily against Iran. This, and the relocation of the US embassy to Jerusalem, has unleashed Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu on a rampage against Gaza, Syria and Iran.

Trump's move towards what could quickly become a new regime-change operation in Iran would undermine the peace he wants to achieve with Kim Jong-un. In their recent meeting, Kim told US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that detente on the Korean Peninsula was not the result of US pressure but was rather "the will of the Korean people". Trump needs to understand that it wasn't his bluster and threats that worked, but his campaign pledge to end regime change and his stated willingness, over the objections of the Washington establishment, to respectfully sit down with Kim and do a "deal".

Just as crucial, while Trump was working out an approach, China and Russia kept the channels of dialogue open with North Korea, despite the intensive efforts in Washington and London to prevent Trump from working with those two powers for peace. Holding the line on the peaceful resolution of disputes finally won the day. Now, in response, there are forces seeking to sabotage a peaceful resolution.

Peace is the greatest threat to the Anglo-American financial empire that is facing its demise. To sustain peace, people and nations will support an economic system based on peaceful cooperation and development, and therefore reject the parasitic and criminal banking system of London and Wall Street. Only war can disrupt this potential—don't let it!

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