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In this week's Australian Alert Service
15 November 2017

Imperial rejig falters; defeating APRA bill is a key flank

In his infamous March 1946 speech at Fulton, Missouri, launching the Cold War, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called for a world government to counter the Soviet Union, through "the fraternal association of the English-speaking peoples. This means a special relationship between the British Commonwealth and Empire and the United States", he proclaimed. Today, the Anglo-American establishment is attempting to revive those Imperial and Commonwealth networks, particularly Australia and India, to counter both Russia and China. The effort to rebuild the USA-Japan-Australia-India Quadrilateral Security Dialogue and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a major military and economic move to dominate the Pacific, but is running into roadblocks.

This drive also betrays the extreme vulnerability and weakness of the trans-Atlantic power structure. The alliance created around Russia and China, through BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), has drawn in some hundred-or-so nations, which represents the many to the oligarchy's few, making it hard to defeat. To say this has the Empire fuming is the understatement of the century.

Having ruled via an "informal financial empire" as the Royal Institute of International Affairs dubbed it in 1995 (Almanac), the financial elite are now well-advanced in creating the pathway for overt fascist, dictatorial control. Monarchs prefer to rule with a velvet glove, but don't hesitate if an iron fist is necessary. A major plank of this new enforcement regime is preserving the City of London and Wall Street's top-down control of the financial system through "bail-in" laws, which would destroy the people in order to save the world's largest banks and their private monetary monopoly.

In 2014, the CEC impacted the global drive for bail-in led by the most powerful financial institutions in the world, including the Nazi-sponsoring Bank of England and Bank for International Settlements. We derailed the G20 push to adopt bail-in of deposits as the global model, first tested in Cyprus in early 2013. Today, we can defeat the renewed push for this policy with the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) emergency powers bill, and in so doing trigger a global revolt against the global extortion racket trying to exact its pound of flesh for the sake of saving a dying system.

Retired Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) chairman Greg Medcraft lobbed another bomb as he left the country for a new job. Having already declared "bail-in" or hybrid bonds a "ticking time bomb", Medcraft admitted that APRA puts banks ahead of people (p. 3), just as the CEC has been saying.

A crucial part of the financial dictatorship and its funding of wars and terror to justify it is the Empire's offshore tax havens system. These offshore centres, and more importantly their patrons in the Royal Family, are being exposed again, with the financial affairs of the Queen and Prince Charles coming under the spotlight. With Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn's campaign to put the people ahead of the elites, these revelations have the potential to bring down this corrupt structure!

There are calls in the UK to reopen the al-Yamamah investigation into the arms-for-oil deal between Britain and the Saudis, which created a giant slush fund to finance terror networks including the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York and Washington, DC. Exposing international terrorism for what it really is will take away another method of dictatorship—police-state laws to counter terrorists. In Saudi Arabia, among the many princes put under house arrest in the apparent power grab by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was none other than Prince Charles intimate and conduit for 9/11 coordination, Prince Bandar bin Sultan. The implications of this ongoing shift are yet to be seen.

There is a multitude of moving parts in the oligarchy's scheme, and many are already failing. Their attempt to maintain control as the populations of more and more countries awaken will be almost impossible.

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