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In this week's Australian Alert Service
15 February 2017

Stop the dismantling of Australia

In a constantly changing world, just standing still is the equivalent of going backwards. By actively shutting down its productive economy, Australia is on a fast track to a dark age.

While not even the most arrogant politician would lay claim to shutting our productive sector as deliberate policy, there is no doubt that it is. It has been ever since the major parties signed on to the "post-1983 consensus on economic reform" initiated by Prime Ministers Hawke and Keating and continued by every subsequent government. Ever since the rule of "the market" was put ahead of the welfare of the people, and ever since the declaration that governments should have no role in banking.

Yet, politicians and economists blame the closing industries for their own demise: power production at Hazelwood is too dirty; car workers' wages are too high; the taxi service wasn't good enough (p. 11); small dairies are inefficient; irrigators are taking water from the environment; and so on. Australians keep getting swayed by these false claims, and then wonder where all of our industries went.

It is the government's role to foster the appropriate environment, including the necessary infrastructure, to make industries successful. The shutdown of reliable power supply for industry, the confiscation of water from agricultural uses, the strangulation by excessive red and green tape, and the failure to force banks to provide fair services, is nothing but deliberate sabotage.

If our leaders were serious about increasing our productive economy they would be pushing for nuclear power, high-speed rail, and new ports. As the world's largest exporter of gas we would make it available domestically at virtually cost price, rather than forcing distributors to consider importing from overseas. We would renationalise our vital power and water utilities, along with our raw materials.

We have reached a point where people are no longer willing to let this slide. They know they are being screwed and they know their protests are not being heard. There is a mass-strike phenomenon growing here like in the UK, USA, Italy and elsewhere. More Australians are looking to alternatives like Pauline Hanson or Cory Bernardi, but which alternatives are genuine? Certainly not those who stand for the same basic principles that people are rebelling against. The population is rejecting policies that are based on the notion that if government stands aside, people acting in their own self-interest will create markets which magically allocate resources and products where they are required. Historically, this was called the British System of economics. It filled the coffers of the British elite with loot, while leaving war, poverty and famine in its wake. Its opponents advocated a system in which the government participated in the economy, with investments in infrastructure and services, for the Common Good. This was put into practice in the USA after America's revolutionary break with the British Empire, and it became known as the American System. Other nations including Australia emulated the USA, and such a view of economics became commonplace until the extreme neoliberal ideology unleashed deregulation in the 1970s and 1980s.

If Australia remains captive to the current system, the new dynamic emerging in the global economic framework, from the reset in relations among world powers, will leave us behind. Or, we could have our own reset, and rekindle the vision of our great forbears such as King O'Malley, the American who introduced us to national banking, leading to the creation of the Commonwealth Bank; or Dr John Dunmore Lang, the Scot who led Australia very close to becoming a republic in the 1850s, and planned the development of the nation, including rail links to the north to connect us to the rest of the world and expand our relationships in the region. It's time to finally bring these visions for our nation into reality

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