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In this week's Australian Alert Service
16 August 2017

Manufactured crises intended to distract

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on 11 June announced: "If there is an attack on the United States by North Korea then the ANZUS treaty will be invoked and Australia will come to the aid of the United States...". Turnbull's intervention was targeted at Americans, not Australians, conveying the message that if US President Donald Trump went to war with North Korea, the good ol' Aussies would back the USA all the way.

Every US president is forced to deal with a major war crisis, which are seen as inevitable, a confirmation of British philosopher Thomas Hobbes' precept that war is the natural state of mankind. This is one of the great lies. North Korea, like so many previous confrontations, is a largely manufactured crisis. The intelligence community presented Trump with unverifiable claims of a sudden escalation of the North Korean threat (p. 5), which set off Trump's belligerent exchange with DPRK leader Kim Jong-un. It isn't clear how Trump, who as a candidate denounced the weapons of mass destruction farce not as an intelligence failure but as "lies", gauges the credibility of such intelligence claims when they are presented to him, but it is clear that the "deep state" wants to keep Trump bogged down in this crisis.

As documented in the Washington Insider (p. 7), there is a faction in the Trump administration, including in the White House, which comprises neocons from the Bush and Obama presidencies responsible for the regime-change agenda that has left Eastern Ukraine, the Middle East and North Africa in flames. They are abetted by the US and British intelligence agencies that concoct the lies used to launch the wars; and the British and Australian governments, which serve the Anglo-American Establishment that is centred in the Crown-City of London-Wall Street nexus and controls the deep-state apparatus, and which legitimise the intelligence lies by making loud declarations that the latest "threat"—whether Saddam's WMDs, or Kim's ICBMs—is a direct danger to their countries. Coming from the USA's closest allies, these declarations are intended to give the intelligence lies more currency in Washington and convince the president to "act".

All this is being ramped up to a fever pitch because there is a real crisis looming in the global financial system, and because Trump, who won office with a radically different agenda to his immediate predecessors—improving relations with Russia, ending regime change, fair not free trade, and a "21st Century" Glass-Steagall separation of the banking system—could potentially respond to the real economic crisis with policies that undermine London and Wall Street and include Russia, China and India in a new international economic order. (UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn is a threat for the same reason.) Everything Trump is hit with is intended to derail this agenda. Often Trump seems to be his own worst enemy, but the real problem is the Anglo-American deep-state apparatus that reaches into his administration, which is there to undermine any efforts to genuinely resolve crises, whether with North Korea or Russia. As Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova observed on 14 August: "You can see what is going on inside the United States, how big [the] fight is going on there ... in terms of the future [it is the fight] for the White House." (Emphasis added.)

The Establishment will continue to orchestrate distractions to sabotage foreign and economic policy initiatives that threaten their financial empire. Including coups and assassinations. A senior political writer for Britain's Guardian, Jonathan Freedland, has foreshadowed this in a novel published under his pseudonym Sam Bourne, entitled To Kill the President, about White House officials who serve a Trump-styled president they consider deranged, and therefore their duty to assassinate. And it's not just Trump. Another Guardian writer, Owen Jones, warned on 9 August that if Jeremy Corbyn were elected UK prime minister, he would face a "very British coup".

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