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In this week's Australian Alert Service
13 December 2017

2017: A year of victories for the many against the few

The end of 2017 is a chance to reflect on the year and recognise that, on many fronts, great progress was made in the fight for the principle of the common good, in Australia and worldwide.

In Syria, the latest target of neocons and liberal interventionists for regime change, Russia's strategic intervention alongside the Syrian Arab Army has been a spectacular success. The almost seven-year war is virtually at an end, and the US-UK-backed al-Qaeda terrorists and their ISIS spin-off have been routed from almost all of their major strongholds. While Donald Trump's contribution to Syria has been mixed, his election at least ensured a degree of cooperation with Russia that averted conflict which could have escalated into a major war. Progress is such that on 11 December Russian President Vladimir Putin was able to announce a partial withdrawal of Russian forces.

In the United States, while Trump's presidency has been a mixed bag, real progress has been made towards deescalating the dangerous tensions that had built up with Russia and China—a surprising development, given his harsh rhetoric against China in the election campaign. Trump's continued potential is evident in the ongoing assault against his presidency by the Anglo-American intelligence agencies and their media agents. However, in their desperation to sabotage Trump's positive tendencies, this apparatus has exposed itself as the so-called "deep state" by which the British and American elite dictate their murderous policies of wars and regime change, regardless of democratic elections.

In the UK, 2017 is the year that neoliberal Thatcherism was dealt a killer blow. Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn galvanised a beaten-down population behind economic policies "for the many, not the few", including a national investment bank, the reversal of privatisations, and a clear divide between commercial and investment banking. In the face of the most hysterical and vitriolic media attacks that any politician has ever endured, the public's support saw Corbyn surge from more than 20 per cent behind in the polls at the start of the general election campaign, to finish neck and neck with the Conservatives on election night; he is now 8 per cent ahead. In October, Prime Minister Theresa May complained that Jeremy Corbyn had changed the economic "consensus".

In Australia, we have also witnessed the end of the neoliberal consensus, and a swing back towards the policies that the Citizens Electoral Council has uniquely championed for 30 years. Eight years after Treasurer Joe Hockey proclaimed that the lesson of the global financial crash is that governments should not be involved in banking, this year Liberal and Labor MPs alike started advocating public banking institutions to address affordable housing, manufacturing, small business, and other economic concerns. The campaign for a Glass-Steagall separation of the banking system gained traction in Parliament, leading to the CEC's presentation of a formal Proposal to all MPs. And such is the Australian public's growing rage at the toll taken by deregulation and privatisation policies, the government had no choice but to give in to community demands for a royal commission into the banks.

The big development of course has been the opposition that the CEC has been able to mobilise to the APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) crisis management bill. To deliver on its commitments to the G20 and Bank for International Settlements, the government hoped to sneak this bill through parliament. The CEC detected it, and our fight to oppose it has drawn support from all quarters, including from experts and insiders who have emerged to expose the truth about APRA and the banking system (p. 3).

Coming into the new year, we face a global financial system teetering on the edge of a cliff, and an Anglo-American establishment hell-bent on stoking renewed tensions against Russia and China—which Australia is experiencing with the Sam Dastyari beat-up. Our movement is an essential political fighting force, and you are a key part of it. Happy Christmas!

Articles include the following:

  • APRA is the 'monster that protects the banks'
  • Malcolm Fraser agreed with Dastyari on South China Sea
  • Japanese expert calls for global Glass-Steagall standard
  • Zepp-LaRouche addresses Maritime Silk Road Forum
  • Effort to contain China not washing with India, Japan
  • North Korea shows inclination for diplomacy
  • Why did the dealmaker do Jerusalem for free?
  • Debate for capital budget revived
  • Officials think outside the box
  • London/Manchester terrorism report a whitewash
  • MI6 elevates Russia to 'tier one' threat status
  • British 'foreign aid' sponsors jihadists in Syria
  • APRA's secret is getting out!
  • China challenges the Washington Consensus

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