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June 25 2018 UPDATE: The Bill has been introduced into Federal Parliament!

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Extra Material for your MP and Senators

1. Banking expert destroys Treasury arguments against Glass-Steagall

2. Denise Brailey on the mortgage fraud that will smash Australia's financial system!


Bank separation supporter Alison Zerk has posted the following video encouraging people to contact their MPs on Bob Katter's Separation of Banks bill, and offering to help with contact details and wording. Excellent work Alison - thanks for taking this initiative. It is only through the efforts of concerned citizens that we will achieve Glass-Steagall in Australia. Join the mobilisation: see the Marching Orders below.

Marching Orders

The only way to protect your savings and the economy from a financial crash and bail-in is Glass-Steagall—Join the CEC's fight to pass Australian legislation to separate the banking system!

The CEC has just finalised legislation for a Glass-Steagall separation of Australia's banks, the Banking Reform (Separation of Banks) Bill 2018, with Explanatory Memorandum.

Here's what you must do:

1.Glass-Steagall Legislation Study the Explanatory Memorandum and Bill for yourself.

2. Most important: get it to your Federal Member of Parliament, plus any Senator/s you can, and insist they pass it through Parliament. Search for contact details of your MP or Senator on the Parliament House website.

The very best way is to make an appointment and go and see them in person—MPs really want to know what their constituents think and this will have a big impression on them. If that's not possible, email or mail the Bill with a cover note from yourself asking the MP to support the bill in Parliament, and to let you know whether they will.)

3. Share copies with others: State MPs, any media you can contact, councils, unions, church leaders, community groups, etc. and get any concerned people you know to visit their MP as well; and on Facebook etc., or with your email address book, urging everyone you know to get involved.

4. Let us know about the result of your activity! Call us on 1800 636 432 or email us.

More Information

Sign the petition: Global crash coming—Australia needs Glass-Steagall and a National Bank

Glass-Steagall Policy Page

Our Campaign exposing the Federal Government's bail-in legislation: stealing your deposits to save your bank!

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