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About the Conference

CEC Leader Craig Isherwood:

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Citizens Electoral Council of Australia in Queensland in 1988; it is also the 200th anniversary of the birth of Australia’s republican poet Charles Harpur, and the 20th year since we hosted our first international conference entitled, “The Reconstruction of Sovereign Nation States: Post International Monetary Fund” in Melbourne.

That 1993 conference followed from my decision to establish a National Office in Melbourne a year earlier and to re-establish the CEC, premised on the fundamental universal principle that mankind is created Imago viva Dei, (in the image of the living God) and that we are not mere animals, but rather, have a God-derived mission to develop our nation. That decision and the resulting conference had the effect of establishing the Citizens Electoral Council as LaRouche’s collaborators on the Australian continent.

Today, 20 years later, our nation and the world are facing the worst crisis in all of human history. Never before has mankind possessed both the capability and the manifest intent by some, to render the human race extinct, through global thermonuclear war. And even without a full-scale nuclear war, our citizens are being destroyed by the “slow” nuclear war of globalisation, free trade, economic collapse and greenie depopulation policies. The choice we face is simple, “Develop or Die!”

This great peril also means great opportunity for change, and our ongoing but now urgent mission, requires us to recreate an entirely new form of global civilisation which has never existed before, one that is based on the unique creative nature of mankind. We invite you to join us in this mission.

The great mass of humanity must at last be freed from serfdom, slavery and looting—but to do so we have to empower ourselves by nurturing leaders capable of thinking and acting boldly and courageously. So, this conference is dedicated to that challenge. Any real and durable change begins with ourselves, by embracing our true identity.

We will begin our conference program by exploring the work of Nicholas of Cusa, the founder of the modern Nation-State, and the person who was key to launching the Golden Renaissance following the 14th century Dark Age. Cusa was devoted to leading his fellow man to a more complete and truthful understanding of God and man, as well as how man could willfully act to change the world and society for the better. We encourage you to read Cusa’s essay “On the Vision of God” and Helga Zepp-LaRouche’s article “The Sweetness of Truth” in preparation for the Conference panels.

We will also present the life and works of our great national poet, Charles Harpur who brilliantly expressed Cusa’s ideas in all of his poetry. As is customary at CEC conferences, Saturday evening will be devoted to a celebration of classical music and poetry. This concert will be a special celebration in honour of Charles Harpur’s bi-centennial.

Sunday morning will begin with a brief look at the system of Confucian thought which created the great renaissances within China and which is undergoing a revival there today. Then, with the future of our nation uppermost in mind, we will turn our attention retrospectively on Australian history, to examine various attempts by great leaders such as King O’Malley, Ted Theodore, John Curtin and Ben Chifley, to establish national banking and a true credit system for Australia, devoted to advancing the general welfare of our populations.

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